1. ALWAYS check you update WpResidence theme + WpResidence Core functionality plugin. Update the plugin from Appearance -> Install Plugins

2. ALWAYS clear browser cache and theme cache after you update the theme from an older version to be sure you are loading the latest additions correctly. Without clearing browser cache, you will not see the theme options correctly! Clear CDN cache (if you use that), plugin cache (if you use that), server cache (if you use that) and browser cache (mandatory), server cache (if you use that).

Latest Version 2.0.8 – March 2020

NEW: WPEstate CRM – Client Relation management. Help http://help.wpresidence.net/article/wpestate-customer-relationship-management/

New: Custom Property Title -> Manage property title on/off Help http://help.wpresidence.net/article/property-title-for-custom-property-template/

NEW: Whatsapp share for property

FIX: Show multiple property status selected from wp-admin on Vertical Property Slider

FIX: GDPR checkbox in lightbox contact form

FIX: The option to show property details on 2 or 3 columns was applying to custom property template too.

FIX: New mortgage calculator graphic not displaying if Property Views Graphic was not enabled for property page

FIX: Show regular user image and name on property card unit

Update: rtl.css and rtl.min.css

Update: Revolution Slider plugin to v 6.2.2

Update: Ultimate Addons for Bakery to v 3.19.4

Update: WpResidence Core Functionality Plugin to v 2.0.8 (Update is mandatory)


Latest Version 2.0.7 – February 2020

Fix: Show Property Views in user dashboard with minify option enabled

Update: Search type 10 location search for properties with multiple cities attached

Update: Translation for new Mortgage Calculator per month label

Update: Revolution Slider plugin to v 6.1.8

Update: WpResidence Core Functionality Plugin to v 2.0.7 (Update is mandatory)


Version 2.0.6 – January 2020

Update: Ultimate Addons for Bakery Page Builder to v 1.19.1

Fix: Show number of property views in user dashboard -> My Properties

Fix: Notices for property_status in recent item shortcodes and compare page

Fix: Notice for logo in wp-admin dashboard

Update: Translation for new Mortgage Calculator labels


Version 2.0.5 – January 2020

New: Header Masonry Gallery in Property Page – demo: https://wpresidence.net/properties/apartment-on-park-avenue/

New: Set Property Details, Address and Features and Amenities on 2 or 3 columns from Property Design Options

New: Shortcode with lists by Property City, Area, State, Status, Features & Amenities – demo https://wpresidence.net/list-states-cities-areas-categories-types/

New: Mortgage Calculator on Property page with on/off option from theme options – demo https://wpresidence.net/properties/three-room-apartment/ Help – http://help.wpresidence.net/article/mortgage-calculator-in-property-page/

Update: Added property status as filter options in recent properties and recent properties slider shortcodes

Updated: Drag and drop for image uploader

Update: Property Status over property gallery (featured image)

Fix: Features and Amenities in search Type 8

Fix: Add custom agent field from wp-admin -> edit agent

Fix: Contact page form paragraph formatting

Update: Core Functionality Plugin to v2.0.5 (Plugin update is mandatory)

Update: WpResidence Elementor Widgets to 2.05 (the new shortcode is available if you update the elementor plugin)

Update: Slider Revolution 6.1.7

Version 2.0.4 – December 2019

Fix: My Profile image upload
Update: Bakery Page Builder to v 6.1
Update: Core Functionality Plugin to v2.0.4 (Plugin update is mandatory)

Version 2.0.3 – December 2019

Update: WPML for features and amenities in Advanced Search after features and amenities have been moved to Property Taxonomy.

NOTE: WPML translations will need to be redone for Features and Amenities from WPMl Settings -> Categories (Taxonomies) options

Update: Core Functionality Plugin to v2.0.3 (Plugin update is mandatory)

Version 2.0.2 – November 2019

Update: WPML compatibility for features and amenities in front end submit form

Update: GTQ as currency for payments

Update: Google Maps version to 3.38

Fix: Css for wp-admin checkbox after WordPress 5.3 update

Fix: Header type 3 + Splash Page

Fix:  Property Slider Horizontal shortcode display of property status in custom property template

Update: style.css for woocommerce cart display in transparent header

Update: WpResidence Core Functionality update to 2.0.2. It is mandatory to update the Core Functionality plugin after theme update. 

Update: Rev Slider to v 6.1.5 and Ultimate Addons for WpBakery to v3.19.0

Version 2.0.1 – October 2019

New: Adding Woocommerce cart in responsive (mobile) user menu

Fix: Property status showing in custom card unit

Fix: Save search display in user dashboard with arabic words

Fix: Show the shortcodes for single property video and share by email in custom property template shortcodes

Update: WpResidence Core Functionality update to 2.0.1. It is mandatory to update the Core Functionality plugin after theme update. 

Version 2.0.0 – September 2019

IMPORTANT: Update Core Functionality Plugin

IMPORTANT: Check Submission Form and Advanced Search Form and save again Features and Amenities as now these features and amenities are works as “Property Taxonomy Categories”.

IMPORTANT: Clear “WpResidence Cache”

NEW: WooCommmerce Payments for Paid Submission & Membership submission – http://help.wpresidence.net/article/install-woocommerce-and-use-woocommerce-payments/
NEW: Stripe SCA Regulations Compliance for 2019 Europe Market payment changes
NEW: Features and Amenities as Taxonomy Category. The conversion for clients who update from an old version is done automatically.
NEW: Property Status as Property Taxonomy Category. The conversion for clients who update from an old version is done automatically.
NEW: Custom Property Template – added single video shortcode element (for Vimeo or Youtube video field)
NEW: Custom property template – added share email element

Updated: Google Maps to 3.3.7
Updated: Added “H” to Energy Certificate (for German Market)
Updated: Added South Sudan in Countries List
Updated: Removed the “h3” heading class for login/register modal

FIX: Keep HTML in Wire Transfer custom text area
FIX: Auto-complete in Elementor WpResidence Widgets when Bakery is disabled
FIX: Email notification to admin when a new listing is published from submit form without login
FIX: Header Border size management from theme options
FIX: Manual approval for agent, agency and developer with translation
FIX: Dismiss notices save
FIX: Twitter share

UPDATED: WpResidence Core Functionality Plugin to v2.0.0 – UPDATE IS MANDATORY
UPDATED: Bakery Plugin to v6.0.5, Rev Slider plugin to v6.1.2 and Ultimate Addons to v3.19.0
UPDATED: Main Demo to include the new Homepages created with Elementor WpResidence Widgets

Version 1.80.1 – July 2019

FIX: Email and phone number showing “http”
FIX: My Profile page not showing for single user with user page permission enabled
FIX: Disable property from user dashboard – my properties search results page
FIX: Styling the shortcode slider navigation for Safari
Update: wpresidence.pot for “not available” option in dropdown custom field

Version 1.80.0 – June 2019

NOTE:  WP Residence Core Functionality plugin to 1.80 version (It’s mandatory to update the plugin to 1.80 after theme update)

NEW: Custom Header Media option just for Properties
NEW: Custom Header Media option just for property categories (taxonomies)
NEW: Select from Theme Options what User Dashboard pages to show for single user – http://help.wpresidence.net/article/1-3-50-1-agency-agents-developers-and-users-separation-how-to-manage-these-new-options/
NEW: Single marker pin management (upload what pin you wish for single map pin, agency, developer and contact page)
NEW: Cluster pin management (replace theme cluster image with yours from theme options)
NEW: Max logo height option in theme options
NEW: Add Agencies and Developers from wp-admin (without having to register them in front end)
NEW: “Not available” option for custom dropdown field. If “Not available” is selected for a field, it doesn’t show in property page
NEW: If custom fields is not filled it, it doesn’t show in custom property template
NEW: Property size and property lot size decimals and thousand separator controls in theme options – http://help.wpresidence.net/article/remove-decimals-from-size-number-format/
NEW: Similar properties control in theme options
NEW: Number of properties per page for search results page managed from theme options
NEW: Option to open the link to property page in a new tab

UPDATE: Added text excerpt in property animation slider
UPDATE: If non retina pins or logo doesn’t exist (they are not uploaded) then use non retina version of the images
UPDATE: CSS improvement for property units height
UPDATE: Show all custom fields in property page (not correlated to submit page form anymore)
UPDATE: If only 1 subunit is selected, don’t show the sub-unit section

FIX: Similar listings with custom property template
FIX: Link for agent website url
FIX: Edit map location as Agency with Open Street Map
FIX: Unit type 4 bedroom field
FIX: Admin gets notification for agent reviews
FIX:  Header type 3 + Sticky header on Firefox exclusively
FIX: WPML for membership packages
FIX: minor custom colors

UPDATE: style.css, rtl.css, my_media.css
UPDATE: wpresidence.pot and wpresidence-core.pot
UPDATE: WP Residence Core Functionality plugin to 1.80 version (It’s mandatory to update the plugin after theme update)
UPDATE: WPBakery Page Builder v 6.0.3


Version 1.70.1 – May 2019

UPDATE: Functions rename for Envato Compatibility new market terms
NEW: If Theme Email Notifications are left with Subject blank, notifications are not sent
UPDATE: Deleted en_us.po from wpresidence/languages
UPDATE: Added city and area for Theme Slider v2 (below title) – https://wpresidence.net/homepage-v9/
UPDATE: Bakery Page Builder plugin to v 6.02
UPDATE: WpResidence Core Functionality plugin to v1.70.1
UPDATE: style.css, style.min.css, my_media.css, my_media.min.css
UPDATE: Included in demo_content folder – elementor templates for main demo homepages (work in progress)


Version 1.70. – May 2019

IMPORTANT to Elementor PRO users: For compatibility with Elementor PRO all theme widgets have been redone as Elementor PRO doesn’t support blank spaces in widget names. For that reason if you update the WPResidence Elementor Add-on to 1.70, Elementor PRO will work BUT all pages created with Elementor and Residence Elementor widgets before this version will have to be redone. If you wish to use Elementor PRO the Elementor add-on plugin update to 1.70 is mandatory and all theme widgets have to be redone. Main Demo pages created with Elementor are being redone for Elementor PRO support and will be launched next week.
IMPORTANT: Wp Residence 1.70 comes with design changes. Please check the main demo https://wpresidence.net/

NEW: Redesign for general theme elements (default font, default font size and weight, default main color and several more)

NEW: Shortcode for listing properties as slider

NEW: Video shows as single element in property page if Vimeo or Youtube ID is added

UPDATE: All Elementor widgets for Residence theme and for Residence Custom Property template have been redone to work with Elementor PRO version.

UPDATE: Allow Wp Residence Elementor Widgets to work with Bakery Plugin disabled

UPDATE: Several theme functions have been updated for Envato Compatibility

UPDATE: Social login now registers username based on social account email (to allow users with non latin characters to register)

UPDATE: Child theme from themepack to work with minify option enabled

FIX: Energy certificate position in custom property template

FIX: Wire Payment button in user dashboard

FiX: Load more properties in agent page

FIX: Search by date custom field

UPDATE: wpresidence-core.pot and wpresidence.pot from plugin and theme

UPDATE: WP Residence Core Functionality plugin to 1.70 version and Wp Residence Elementor Add-on plugin to 1.70 version


UPDATE: Google Login (after Google changes related to Google+)

Fix: Save analytics ID

Fix: Forgot password for mobile and splash page

Fix: Delete image from Media (admin)

Fix: Wire Transfer for user

Fix: Disable listing in User Dashboard


Fix: Forgot Password
Update: Plugin WpResidence Core Functionality Plugin

Version 1.60.5

Change Log Help URL: http://help.wpresidence.net/article/wpresidence-v1-60-5-march-25/

IMPORTANT! Update Child Theme is Mandatory

Child theme wpresidence-child/functions.php file was modified and your child theme must be updated too for the theme 1.60.5 update or greater to work with a child theme installed previously this update.

You can find the new wpresidence-child/functions.php in the zip you download from Theme Forest -> Buyer Account -> Downloads Menu-> “All files & documentation”

Detailed Change Log

NEW: Twitter Login in Social Login Option
NEW: Elementor theme widgets for Custom Property Template
NEW: Manage redirect url after login in theme options
NEW: Gallery Shortcode for Custom Property Template
NEW: Multiple Agents for Custom Property Template
NEW: Review for Custom Property Template
NEW: Schedule a review for Custom Property Template
NEW: GDPR Checkbox for Custom Property Template Contact Form
NEW: Single Agency and Single Developer card for Custom Property Template
NEW: Energy Certificate for Custom Property Template
NEW: Use Video in Horizontal and vertical slider with Custom Property Template

UPDATE: Updates for Envato Compatibility new terms (changed functions and variables names according to the new rules)
UPDATE: Child theme functions.php
UPDATE: Theme languages wpresidence.pot and wpresidence.po, WpResidence Core Plugin languages wpresidence-core.pot and wpresidence-core.po, WpResidence Elementor Plugin languages
UPDATE: Open Street Map draggable enabled

FIX: Open – Close mobile menu very quickly
FIX: Custom Template – Details as Accordion – don’t show Yelp if title not selected
FIX: Custom Property Template – Details as Accordion – Only First One Opened option
FIX: Single Map shortcode and nearby places in Custom property template
FIX: Custom Template Gallery Shortcode for Custom property template – click on featured image
FIX: Open modal when using submit without being registered or logged in
FIX: Variable name in unit type 4
FIX: Show 2 decimals for prices in infobox when using multi-currency
FIX: Translate measurement option
FIX: Standard fonts message in console
FIX: Show header image on taxonomy when there is no property attached to that taxonomy

Version 1.60.3

NEW: Turn Off / On option for WP Residence Cache button

UPDATE: Main Demo Import includes Homepages versions built with Elementor Plugin and Wp Residence Elementor Addon plugin
UPDATE: Multi Currency Widget auto-exchange API Required to work
UPDATE: Change boxed background from Customizer -> Background
UPDATE: Updates for Envato Compatibility new terms (changed functions and variables names according to the new rules)

FIX: Notices for Wp Residence Elementor Plugin
FIX: Related Post with 1 or 2 posts
Fix: Search for Agent List in Agency dashboard – My Agents
Fix: Removed ucwords from listing_functions.php for custom fields text to not show Uppercase Letters by default
Fix: Small css fixes from admin display, front and mobile display

Plugins updated: Ultimate Addons v3.18, Bakery Page Builder v 5.7

Change log url:

WP Residence 1.60.3 – February 27

Version 1.60.1

Fix: Elementor Addon Warnings
Fix: Favcion added from theme options – logos

Version 1.60

Activate WPResidence Core Functionality plugin from the Plugin Installation Notice in order to use the theme core functionality (mandatory for clients who are updating from an older theme version)

The theme will not work without this plugin. You will get a notification to install the plugin, but if you dismiss the note you must go to Appearance > Install Plugins page to activate this.

When you activate the Plugin for Core Functionality you may need to check Permalinks didn’t reset. If you see “Page Not Found” go to Admin > Settings > Permalinks and save – Post Name.

New Feature: – Added Elementor Page Builder Support and created theme real estate shortcodes as Elementor Widgets. Elementor is a free Page Builder plugin which you install from WordPress > Plugins > Add New > Elementor

New Feature: – Added Open Street Map support. You can now enable Google Maps or Open Street Map (free map)

Other changes: