How to add icons to menu items

Add font awesome icons independently For this end result: Follow the below steps. Go to admin – menus – edit menu   Example of Navigation Label For the spacing between icon menus we added a custom css solution (which may need to be adjusted to your number of icons .menu>li:nth-last-of-type(-n+4) a, .menu>li:nth-last-of-type(-n+4) a:hover{ padding-left: 5px!important; […]

Theme options – General – Footer

To manage the footer options navigate to Theme Options > General > Footer and locate the panel below on which you have the following options: Show Footer?  Yes/No If yes, you must setup the widgets you wish to show on the top bar area. Help article about footer widgets setup  Help article about how to […]

How to change Menus. Primary Menu. Mega Menu. Mobile Menu. Footer Menu

Manage the Main Menu, Footer Menu and Mobile Menu To create the menu go to Appearance > Menu. Create a menu and add the links using the panels listed on the left. You can create different menus for the primary menu, footer menu, and mobile menu. When the menu is ready go to Manage Locations. […]