5. Agent, Agency & Developers

Hubspot API CRM integration in WpResidence

Video Tutorial for how to manage Hubspot API integration How to register for an account at Hubspot The first step is to register and then login into your HubSpot account. Go to the register link in the video description, but it is a straightforward step – https://app.hubspot.com/signup/crm/step/user-info For those who do not know HubSpot CRM […]

WpEstate Customer Relationship Management – CRM

WpEstate CRM (Customer Relationship Management) plugin saves all contact form messages and allows you to manage Lead Messages and Contacts from wp-admin backend AND allows individual users who register on your site as single users, agents, agencies or developers to manage their leads and contacts. The key features of WpEstate CRM are: Lists messages sent […]

Design Theme Settings – Property, Agent, Blog Lists Design Settings

From  Design Theme Settings – Property, Agent, Blog Lists Design Settings You can modify the following options: Unit Card Type You can choose between 5 unit types for properties: Default unit:                      Design type 1: Design type 2: Design type 3: Design type 4: No of property […]

How to assign users, agent, agency or developer to properties from admin

Video tutorial about how the site admin manages agents   Video tutorial about how Agency and Developers are managed in WpResidence How to assign users, agent, agency or developer to properties from admin Edit property from admin:   Agent registered in admin !! We strongly recommend registering a new agent from the front register form. […]

Agent List Shortcode

Demo page: https://wpresidence.net/list-agents/ Add shortcode with WPBakery Page Builder Add shortcode block in Gutenberg editor Add shortcode from the classic editor with WPBakery Page Builder Add the agent list shortcode with visual composer: You can specify agents from a certain agent category, agent action, agent city or agent area:   For listing agents – select how many […]

Sync manually a registered user with a published agent post

Video tutorial *There is 1 WordPress user Role used in our theme”Subscriber”. “Agents, Agencies, Developers or Users” are different types of the same user role. More here  If you wish that an agent can manage his properties from front-end dashboard, create the agent from front end via the registration form and select Agent from the […]

Agent Contact Form Position

Agent / Agency / Developer details + contact form can show on the sidebar or after property details Select – NO for agent after details Select YES for agent on sidebar   AGENT FORM ON SIDEBAR AGENT FORM AFTER PROPERTY DETAILS You can also show the contact form in property gallery lightbox (which shows when […]

Search widget for Agents, Agencies and Developers

Live demo https://wpresidence.net/agent-agency-and-developers-search/ For this feature you must create a new page – for agents, agencies and developers search results And then add the Search Widget to any sidebar you wish from Admin – Widgets Here is a full video  

How to work with Inbox Private Message System

This feature can work only with theme contact form (built-in) and not Contact Form 7 plugin forms. Enable Private Message system for theme default contact form: Make sure you have a page created for the INBOX in user dashboard The message system button will be seen on contact form on property page and agent / […]

Agency, Agents, Developers and Users separation.

Video tutorial — How admin manages real estate agents Video tutorial–How Real Estate Agents work Video tutorial–How Agency and Developer user roles work *There is 1 WordPress user Role used in our theme, “Subscriber”. “Agents, Agencies, Developers or Users” are different types of the same user role. **Agent, Agency and Developer have a profile page […]

Agent & Agency Contact

Contact form for agent/agency/developer/user If the property is submitted by a user with administrator level, no contact form shows. Contact form for agent shows on the property page, under agent or user info (email is sent to agent/user email address) Contact form from the agent page (email is sent to agent email address) Agent contact […]

Agent Taxonomies

Agent custom taxonomies are: Agent category, agent action, agent city, agent neighborhood, agent county/state To add a new category in either taxonomy use Add New. From the list you can Edit or Delete the taxonomy. Let wordpress create the slugs. To add the custom taxonomies in menu – enable them from Menu Screen Options, then […]

How to add a membership package manually to a registered subscriber from admin

NOTE: The expiration will apply and properties will expired on due date IF you set the action date in the correct format: EX: 2014-12-31 10:05:44 An email will be received by the user with 3 days before the package will expire. You can assign a package from Users – Edit User (see the attachments). Find […]

Agent List Page

Agent List page has pagination. The theme is set to show 10 agents on each page. Ex from our demo – http://wpresidence.net/our-agents/ The page is created with the AGENTS LIST template as in the below screenshot. More about agents and how to manage theme options – – Agency, Agents, Developers and Users separation. How to […]

Contact Form 7 in Residence

CONTENT Installation Setup Main Features Style the Forms Limitations How to disable the Contact Form Function If you use this option, the theme default contact will be replaced with a contact form 7 contact form – but the emails will still be sent to agent email address.  Install Contact Form 7 First, install Contact 7 […]