Before reading this help file you may want to check this video. It explains theme functionality and may be easier to understand. Watch Video on Youtube

Price Pins

In order to enable price pins, navigate to Theme Options > Map > Pin Management and set YES to  Use price Pins? option. Also from here, you can choose if wish to show full-price pins.  If not we will show prices without before and after label and in this format : 5,23m or 6.83k

Small Price view

Full Price view

You can add your own custom colors to price pins.

This is the default price pin CSS

.wpestate_marker:before {
border-top: 6px solid #e84157;
.wpestate_marker {
background-color: #e84157;
color: #fefefe;

You can add a different color to each category + type as well.
background: #ff2b58;
border-top: 6px solid #ff2b58;

Help for how to add custom CSS

Single Pin

You can use 1 single pin for all markers. 

To Enable the Single Pin option navigate to Theme Options > Map > Pin Management and:

  • first set NO to Use Price Pins option
  • then set YES to Use Single Pin Image option.

From here you can upload your single pin image if you wish a different pin than the one that comes default with the theme.

Custom Pin Images for each category and type

To use a custom pin for each property category navigate to  Theme Options > Map > Pin Management and:

  • first set NO to Use Price Pins option
  • then set NO to Use Single Pin Image option.

Start adding pin images for every category and type listed. The list auto-populates with property categories.

Theme default pins are offered in the theme pack in .png format, retina, and non-retina format.

Mandatory size is 44 px x 50 px

The theme default pins are listed in this folder in theme pack (download “ALL FILES AND DOCUMENTATION” from theme forest, unzip, and you will see this file)

Add pin for each category, action

And for every category and action combined.

Also, you can replace IDX Pin and Geolocation Pin