This shortcode shows Google Maps with its properties in any place on a page. You manage what properties to show and you can  use this element with Bakery or Elementor.

To load the GOOGLE or OPEN STREET libraries needed for the map, this option for Global header must be set to MAPS in Theme options – Header . Use the custom header option to set a different header for each page you create.

Elementor Widget: WpResidence Map with Listings

Edit your page with Elementor.

Find WpResidence Map with Listings widget

Add it to your page and select:

  • Map height
  • Categories properties to show on map
  • Types of properties to show on map
  • City properties to show on map
  • Areas properties to show on map
  • State properties to show on map

Bakery Shortcode:  Map with Listings Settings shortcode

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