In this video, you will learn how to add Geo location and Radius search(powered by Open Street) in theme search forms. Watch Video on Youtube

Radius search with radius management (in miles or km) allows visitors to search by maps location, and to see all the properties in the radius of that location.

Important: Geolocation uses Open Street Places library.

The radius search option can be managed from Theme Options > Search > Geolocation Settings section where you have the following options:

Use Geo Location Search – Yes/No

Geo Location Search applies only for the half map style page (advanced search results, properties list half-page and taxonomy half-if that is enabled)

If you choose yes, the Geo location search will appear above half map search fields. Read here about how to use the property list half map in WpResidence.

Initial area radius

Type the default radius you wish to get when open the half map page. You must type only numbers.

Setup the Minimum and Maximum radius values

Type minimum and maximum radius values.

Show Geo Location Search in: miles or km

You can set the search in km or miles.

Technical FAQ

How to change the color of the geolocation radius

In order to change the color of the  geolocation radius must make code changes as shown in the below screenshots:


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