To manage the footer options navigate to Theme Options > General > Footer and locate the panel below on which you have the following options:

Show Footer?  Yes/No

If yes, you must setup the widgets you wish to show on the top bar area.
Help article about footer widgets setup 
Help article about how to manage footer colors

Show Footer Copyright Area? Yes/No

If yes, you must:

Use Sticky Footer?

Starting theme version 1.30.1 we have support for sticky footer which can be enabled/disabled from theme options.

Footer Background Image Management

You can add a footer background and, if you choose to add a pattern style image, you can select repeat options.

Wide Footer? Yes/No

You have footer wide (100%) or as large as default content.

Footer Column Layout

You can select the footer column structure in 9 different layouts:

Tip: If you have theme cache enabled, make sure you clear cache to see instant results.