Supported Countries –

The settings for Stripe merchant can be found in Theme Options – Membership – Stripe Settings

Activate SANDBOX OR LIVE and change the API if you switch from live to sandbox or the other way around

Make sure you have this page in admin – PAGES with this exact template.

NOTE: If you import a demo, you get this page with a demo import. And if you have a clean theme (no demo) you can create this page manually.

Create and activate your STRIPE account at –

SANDBOX DATA is given automatically and screenshots are made for SANDBOX version.

FOR LIVE API – you must follow these instructions first (to activate your account)


Go to webhooks and add the STRIPE URL page from your site to be able to check all transactions made

In webhooks add the page URL with the stripe processor template. For endpoint URL use your website url!!!!

Then take the API credentials and copy in Wp Residence dashboard

Copy the Webhooks -> Select your domain webhook -> Signing Secret id to WPRentals Theme Options -> Stripe Settings -> Stripe Webhook Secret Key

For sandbox tests use Credit Card number: 4242 4242 4242 4242, any date in future, any CVS.

Stripe & Membership submission

FOR STRIPE and MEMBERSHIP activated you need to do below settings FROM  Billing -> Products to create your product and make sure Currency, Price per unit equals price per package, and billing interval matches “Unit time and Bill every x units” from theme settings.

The Stripe product ID is generated automatically after creating the Stripe Product. Save the ID to your Membership Package as in below screenshots. Copy the PRODUCT ID from stripe.

User pays for the package in the front end

How to cancel Stripe Subscription (if the recurring option is selected for the package purchased)