How to Enable Save Search feature

Step 1: Admin creates the page for displaying saved searches in user dashboard or you import it with demo content import

Step2: Admin enables the save search options and sets in theme options if emails about new properties that match saved searches should be emailed daily or weekly

User gets an email daily or weekly ONLY IF new properties matching his saved searches options are published on the website.

Step3: User searches and clicks “Search Properties” button

Step4: To save a search, user must register and login.

Step5: On advanced search results page he has the input to give a name to his searched fields and save

Step6: Search is saved and user can delete from user dashboard – my saved searches if he doesn’t wish to get notifications anymore.

How to Remove Saved Search feature

Step1. Remove the Saved Search page from Dashboard:


Step2. Disable Saved Search feature from Theme Options-Search-Use Saved Search Feature

CRON for Save Search Email Alert

The cron name is and it can run Daily or Weekly


On some servers you need to save the search again to activate as Cron. This is how by Saving “No”, and then save “Yes”
This plugin can help edit a cron recurrence to wordpress possible recurrence times is WP CRON CONTROL: