Payment Options

Install WooCommerce and use WooCommerce Payments

WooCommerce is supported for the following options: Paid Submission (pay for a listing to be published and separately for a listing to be marked as featured) Membership Based Submission (pay for a membership subscription package) *WooCommerce payments do not support recurring payments! How to install WooCommerce Go to Plugins -> Add New -> Type WooCommerce […]


Supported Countries – The settings for Stripe merchant can be found in Theme Options – Membership – Stripe Settings Activate SANDBOX OR LIVE and change the API if you switch from live to sandbox or the other way around Make sure you have this page in admin – PAGES with this exact template. NOTE: […]

How to change text “test facilitator’s Test Store” to your logo or your text

“How to change text “test facilitator’s Test Store” to your text Facilitator Account Test Store” , this is the by default business name of default sandbox account . You need to change the business name by logging into your sandbox account and then go to Profile–> My business Info –> Business Name Change . Here […]

How to change Stripe language

According to stripe documentation here :… You need to add data-locale=”es” on the help_functions.php  functions wpestate_show_stripe_form_membership(), wpestate_show_stripe_form_per_listing(), wpestate_show_stripe_form_upgrade() on ajax_functions.php function wpestate_cancel_stripe()  

Wire Transfer Payment Method

How to use Wire Transfer as Payment Method Step1: First, enable the option from theme options:   Step2: Fill in the information where you wish people to send the payment to: Step3: And add the currency for payments if the currency you wish to use doesn’t already exist in the Currency For Paid Submission list. […]


Compliance Notice: By June 30, 2018, any system that connects to PayPal via HTTPS must support TLS 1.2 or higher. To avoid any disruption of services, ensure your systems are ready. You must have a PayPal Business Account. For live transactions, you must enable SSL / https for your domain.  If you use PayPal – […]