6. Property Page

How to manage Theme Options – Property Page Settings


Property taxonomies / categories

Content How to set number of properties per page for Taxonomy page How to add or edit a category Add child categories How to see a Taxonomy page Add a taxonomy page to the menu Taxonomy page header Taxonomy page standard or half Change sidebar type and position. The map zoom for taxonomy pages Add […]

Theme Options – Search – Save Search and Email Alert

You can allow visitors to save their searches and get an email alert (daily or weekly) if new properties published match their chosen search criteria. CONTENT How to Enable Save Search feature How Save search feature work How to Disable Save Search feature Save Search Cron How to Enable Save Search feature Step1: Create the […]

Video tutorials: How to add a property

Content How to manage fields for submission form How to add a new property from the front end How to add a new property from the admin How to manage fields for submission form The fields for the submission form can be managed from the Theme Options > Membership > Property Submission Page section. Help […]

Hubspot API CRM integration in WpResidence for all contact forms

Content How to register for an account at Hubspot How to get the Access token from Hubspot How to test this feature with a property created from the admin How to register for an account at Hubspot The first step is to register and then login into your HubSpot account. Go to the register link […]

How to Enable Sticky Sidebar on Property Page

In order to enable the Sticky Sidebar on Property Page navigate to Theme options > Design > Property Page-Property Page Settings and set YES to Use Sticky Sidebar on Property page option.

WpEstate Customer Relationship Management – CRM

WpEstate CRM (Customer Relationship Management) plugin saves all contact form messages and allows you to manage Lead Messages and Contacts from wp-admin backend AND allows individual users who register on your site as single users, agents, agencies or developers to manage their leads and contacts. The key features of WpEstate CRM are: Lists messages sent […]

Theme Options – General – Property Custom Fields

Content How to create property custom fields How property custom fields are displayed on the property page How to add property custom fields to submit form How to add property custom fields to advanced search form How to create property custom fields To create your property custom fields navigate to Theme options > General > […]

How to add Video on Property Page

You can add a video from Youtube or Vimeo to every property. Content How to add a video to a property How to take the Video ID How to add a video to a property On the Admin interface when editing the property the Video option is displayed under the Property media tab: In order […]

Theme options – General – Price & Currency

To manage the Price & Currency options navigate to Theme Options > General > Price & Currency. Here you have the following options: Display short style price? If yes – Use indian format for price? Price number thousand separator (for properties price) Price – thousands separator Number of decimal points Decimal points separator Price currency […]

Property Private Field (Notes)

For each property, we have a special field named “Owner/Agent notes which can be filled in with private information which only the property owner and admin of the site can see. This field is not published or visible in the front end. This is where the field id displayed on the front end submission form: […]

Property Slider Types

To setup the Property Slider types navigate to Theme Options > Design > Property Page Settings and locate the panel below on which for Slider Type option you have 7 slider type which apply to all properties added from the front end: On site admin, when editing each Property page you can select a custom “Slider Type”, different than the global […]

How to Enable the “Add Listing” Button and Form on the header

Submit property will only work with theme register/login. Step1: Enable the “Add Listing” button Navigate to Theme Options > General > Header and set YES to Show submit property button in header? option: Add Listing button will be displayed on the header menu. Step2: Check if the Front Property Submit page exists in admin – […]

How to add images, caption to images and re-order images on Property Slider

Content How to add images, caption to images and re-order images on properties added from the front end How to add images, caption to images and re-order images on properties added from admin How to add images to properties added from the front end You can upload multiple images at one time from My Properties […]

How to set the Agent Contact Form Position on the Property page

The User, Agent, Agency or Developer details and their contact form can be displayed in one of these locations: on the property sidebar in the property content, after the property details sections in the property lightbox modal with all the property images These are the default placement options which we will explain in more detail […]

Custom background color of Property Category in property card unit

The theme color management will apply to the colors for property categories. Help https://help.wpresidence.net/article/design/ To add a different color than the one you add from theme options to property category, use custom CSS. Example: .action_tag_wrapper.Rentals { background-color: #0D84B2; } .action_tag_wrapper.Sales { background-color: #E5274F; } Adpt “Sales” or Rentals” to your category name. For double names […]

How to manage Floor Plans

You can add floor plans from front end when Edit/ Add a new property:   In admin you can edit / add floor plans from the FLOOR PLANS section. This is how Floor Plans are displayed on site front end on property page: How to Remove Floor Plans To remove the Floor plan Section from […]

How to Enable / Disable contact form in lightbox for property gallery

To enable the Contact form on Property Page navigate to Theme Options > Design > Property Page Settings and set YES to Show Contact form on lightbox option. You can control also if wish to Crop Images on the lightbox. Lightbox preview on property page with contact form (shows when clicking on an image in property slider) Note: For the contact form to […]

Submission Page – Manage submit form fields and mandatory fields.

  The settings for Submission form fields can be found in the Theme Options> Membership> Property Submission Page. From this section, you can select the fields that will show in the submission form and the ones that will be mandatory. 1. Enable Autocomplete in Front End Submission Form: YES/NO This option applies to address,  if […]

How to Enable / Disable the slider in Property Unit

To Enable Slider in Property Unit navigate to Theme Options > Design > Property, Agent, Blog Lists Design and set YES  to Use Slider in Property Unit option. You must also set  the no of images in the slider in the property card: 

Theme options – Property Page – Print Page Design

To manage the Print PDF options navigate to Theme options > Property Page > Print Page Design and locate the panel below on which you have the following options: The user selects “Print to PDF” in each property The Print Screen will include the option to print or save to PDF  

How to add States, Cities and Areas in front end submit form

In front end submit the theme supports auto-complete for City/Area/State/Address OR dropdowns for City/State/Areas. This is managed from Theme options > Membership > Property Submission Page. Enable Autocomplete If you set YES to Enable Autocomplete in Front End Submission Form option next from Theme options > Map > Map settings  you must choose what system do […]

How to setup YELP API Integration

YELP API will show info about what’s nearby property location and their YELP ratings, like this. How to setup Yelp First, check if YELP API works for your country. See here https://www.yelp.com/factsheet the list of countries where Yelp is available. If it exists in your country and if you wish to enable this option on […]

How to add property subunits (sublistings)

The subunits are also properties so they will show in properties search results. 1. First publish your properties. Published means properties with status published. View from admin View from front end user dashboard – My properties 2. Add subunits Admin view for how to select subunits. Edit the property post for Properties. From the Property […]

How to add Virtual Tour in Property Page

Content How to add virtual tour from the admin backend How to add virtual tour from front end submit from How to display Virtual Tour on a single property page How to add virtual tour from the admin backend To add a virtual tour, you must copy/paste the embed code in  Property Details > Property Media […]

How to limit the number of images uploaded in front end submission form

Admin can set the maximum number of images per listing that can be uploaded in submission form for 4  scenarios: 1. Free Submission 2. Membership based submission (free membership) Help article about membership submission 3. Paid Membership packages  4. Paid submission Help article about paid submission

Agent & Agency Contact

This help explains to how manage the theme forms into WpEstate CRM plugin. Property page contact form The property page contact form sends the email to the agent, agency or developer email address. Contact form on the property page can be displayed on sidebar below property details and in property gallery lightbox. Property page contact […]

Featured Properties: How they work

Depending on the paid submission type chosen by the site admin there are 3 ways to make a property featured: 1. For Free Submission: If Paid Submission is set to NO (which means submission is free), user cannot make a property featured from front-end submission dashboard. Only Admin can do that from admin – edit […]

Similar post and similar properties

Similar Listings on the Property Page display are set on Theme Options > Design > Property Page Settings. Related Articles on Blog Post display the last 3 post with the same Tag. No of similar properties in the property page Similar listings show when there are other properties from the same area, city, type and […]

Contact Form 7 in Residence

If you use this option, the theme default contact will be replaced with a contact form 7 contact form – but the emails will still be sent to agent email address.  Content Installation Setup Main Features Style the Forms Limitations How to disable the Contact Form Function Install Contact Form 7 Step1: First, install the […]