Before reading this help file you may want to check this video. It explains how to setup the advanced search type 6. Watch Video on Youtube

Search type 6 supports categories as tabs. You can select which categories to show (you can use types, categories, cities, areas or states). This search allows adding different search fields for each tab and specific minim and maxim price values for each tab category.

As examples, you can check search type 6 with the theme in:

Main demo –,

London Demo – 

1. Select search type 6

To setup the Search type 6  navigate to Theme Options > Search > Advanced Search Form and on this section select Type 6 for the Advanced Search Type option.

Note: After you select the search type you must Save Changes, then Refresh the page to get displayed the tabs options.

2. Setup what categories you wish to use as tabs

First, you must Select Taxonomy for tabs options from  Theme Options > Search > Advanced Search Form section.

Save Changes and Refresh the page to get the tab options based on the chosen category.

Next, you must select Taxonomy Terms for tabs options.

Save Changes and Refresh the page again to get the search form fields options and price slider options for each tab.
Configure minimum and maximum price values for each category tab.

3. Setup the search form fields you wish to show for each tab.

The search form fields can be setup from Theme Options > Search > Advanced search form section.

Help article for Advanced Search Form Setup

4. Setup the display of the search form

To manage the advanced search display options navigate to Theme Options > Search > Advanced search display section.

Help article for Advanced Search Form Display

5. Setup the colors for the search form

To manage the advanced search colors navigate to Theme Options > Search > Advanced search colors section.

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