From Theme Options –> General –> Theme Slider you manage the following options:

Starting 1.20 theme version we have added the option to add properties in slider from the property page.

We made this change due to speed reasons.  In Theme Options we limited the list to show only 50 properties to choose from.  If you have more than 50 properties, the option to add properties to Theme Slider from property page will be necessary.

Select Theme Slider as header

The theme slider can be used as header media option and shows after the menu.

It can be set up as:

  1. Global header:
  2. Custom header:

The properties you wish to show in theme slider are selected from theme options (user CTRL to select multiple properties)

From the same settings select the Number of mili-seconds before auto cycling and Height of slider.

Theme slider has 3 design variations:

Design type 1:

theme slider


Design type 2:

Notice that for this slider type you must select to show at least 3 properties.


Design type 3:

NOTE: this type is built to show the last 4 properties from the ones selected in Theme Options-General-Theme Slider.


The slider shows the featured image of a property.

*For type 1 and 2, select featured images that are as wide as the screens for a quality display (recommended 1920px). Choose images of the same height * width for equal slide display.

The featured image of a property can be set like this:

  • From Admin – Properties – Edit Property – Set featured image:

  • From front end submission, double click on the image you wish to show as featured and the icon star will highlight the featured image.