You DON’T need a buyer license to use these plugins. We purchased an extended license we give all our clients plugin updates through theme updates. There is only one license per purchase – so only we can use this license to get the updates and then share the update with our clients.

Update the plugins with theme update

Step1: Update the theme

See this help:

Step 2: Update the plugins by clicking on the notification in header

Update the plugins only, without doing a theme update


Step1: Download the theme again from the Theme Forest account, where you initially purchased it. The download will be under your buyer account – Downloads. Download only “Installable WordPress file only”

Step2: Unzip the folder downloaded

Step 3: Go to wpresidence/libs/plugins to take the latest plugins

Step4: Disable and delete the plugins from Admin – Plugins

Step5: Upload the new Plugins from Plugins – Add New – Upload – And activate

If you wish the plugins updates sooner than we make the theme update, open a support ticket here – and ask us for the latest plugins