Residence Shortcodes

List properties or articles by specific ID shortcode

This  is the shortcode to add properties or articles by id For properties, the shortcode works as described by the next screenshots. Find the IDs of the properties you wish to list. How to see IDs in the theme Add the properties IDs separated by comma and select the other shortcode options: how many listings […]

Featured City | Featured Area | Featured Category | Featured Type Shortcode

The Display Categories shortcode allows you to show Category, Action, City, Area and County on front end. You can follow the steps in the below video tutorial: Please note that the video is made with an older version of the theme and the shortcode worked with taxonomy ID, now you need to type the taxonomy […]

Property Page Custom Template Shortcodes

Starting 1.16 WP Residence supports custom page templates for property page – help to set a template is here Property Page Custom Templates This features offers each WP Residence client endless possibilities when designing the property page. We created 4 templates as examples which you can import as instructed in this help – – but […]

1.15 Google Map with Property Marker shortcode

Starting 1.15 there’s a new shortcode in the list. The shortcode can be accessed from wordpress editor ‘ Or you can add through Visual Composer Read here how to find the correct property ID How to see IDs in the theme The shortcode looks like this: — If Full Width Header will be used on […]

How to add the background for a row

Ultimate Addons Background images do not import through demo import process. To add the background for demo “Valuable Real Estate” shortcode: Edit the row from pencil icon – Add this image as background image –

Agent List shortcode

This is a new shortcode added starting with theme update 1.12 Add the agent list shortcode with visual composer: You can specify agents from a certain agent category, agent action, agent city or agent area:   To see IDs in list easier, install Reveal Ids plugin. You’ll have the IDs showing like this: For listing […]


In this widget you have to type the Property ID you’d like to show and a second line. The Property ID is taken from the URL of the Property Page in Admin – Agents – Edit Property. EX: In this URL http:// the property ID is 90. Go to Admin-Appearance-Widgets and add the Featured Listing […]


Our theme supports fontawesome and you can use these icons in the theme (in content, widgets, menu) To find a fontawesome icon with our theme, see this video: To use fontawesome in menus or widgets, you must use the icon in this code sample <i class=”fa fa-youtube-play” aria-hidden=”true”></i>


IMPORTANT! We use which don’t allow ” & ” in password for security reasons. In Front End – NEW in 1.06 users will need to agree to terms and conditions to register:  New in 1.11 – a 2nd option to register with type password: Select in Theme Options – General Settings what kind of register for […]


The search shortcode can be added to any page. If you use Visual Composer editor – select this option If you use the standard wordpress editor, select this option

Featured Agent Shortcode

Please see this video how to manage the featured agent shortcode. How to remove notes from Featured Agent shortcode Remove the notes with this css .featured_agent_notes { display: none; } Make the details visible with this CSS .agent_featured_details { opacity: 1; position: relative; display: block; } Optional, remove the MY LISTINGS button with this css […]


The shortcode featured property is used for single property. How to use this is explained below: VIDEO:     Starting 1.17 theme update you have a 2nd design option: Starting 1.18 theme update we have created a 3rd design option for featured property shortcode:  


Starting 1.18 version we have added a new Testimonial slider shortcode. The testimonial shortcode can be added from the shortcodes list All details need to be added in the form: To add images, you need to upload the image in Admin-Media   Edit the image Copy the image URL Paste the image URL in the […]


Use Visual Composer to add lists. Follow these steps:

List Slider Shortcode for Properties & Blog Posts

Recent items shortcode is used for Properties and for Articles. Only some options apply for articles. The shortcode can be used from Visual Composer editor or from wordpress editor. It’s easier to set all the settings with Visual Composer. Shortcode requires to set at least 4 properties (if you user the 3 column style list) […]

List Recent items shortcode

Recent items shortcode is used for Properties and for Articles. Only some options apply for articles. This video is how to manage Recent Items for Properties:   To use the shortcode go to Visual Composer and select the Recent items shortcode. You can also use it from the editor. For Properties you can specify Category […]


Icon Content Box features an image that displays in its original size, title, text, hover efect (yes/no) and link.You’ll recognize it by this icon .

Shortcodes and Widgets IDs

The post Ids are mostly used in shortcodes like Recent Items,  Featured Agent. Featured Property or Recent Items for posts and many others. Now you can find them in admin in lists: For properties:   For Taxonomies: For Agents: For Posts: