To manage the general settings navigate to Theme Options > General > General Settings and locate the panel below on which you have the following options:


Default Country

Default country shows in submit form when adding a property from admin or from the front end. It is used to find the property location latitude and longitude when clicking on the button Pin Address on the Map.

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Default Measurement Unit

For property site and property lot size which are default fields on our theme, you can select the default measurement unit.

You can use the Measurement Unit Widget if wish to convert the theme default measurement unit to another value selected from the widget.

Help article about Measurement Unit Widget setup

Properties Size & Lot Size – no of decimals and thousand separator

By using these options you can set no of decimals and thousand separator for Property size and Property lot size fields.

Help article about how to remove decimals from property size and property lot size

Language for the date picker

The date picker is used for custom field type date. This field, when added, will show in submitting the form (in the front end), submit the form (in admin) or an advanced search (if the field is added in there as well).

The language is applied for the months in date-picker.

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Google Analytics ID

Copy the ID from your google analytics account and sync your site with analytics for detailed analytics of your site visitors).

Tip: If you have theme cache enabled, make sure you clear cache to see instant results.