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How to use a Cache Plugin with Measurement Widget + Multi Currency Widget + Login

As long as you use any cache plugins, the plugins will cache cookies as well. You can set to exclude all these cookies from your caching system (applies to multi currency, multi-measurement widgets) my_custom_curr my_custom_curr_pos my_custom_curr_symbol is_user_logged_in wpestate_favorites EX: How to exclude from Fastest Cache plugin Ex: How to exclude from WP Rocket plugin

Recommended plugins for SEO

These suggestions are based on clients experience All in One SEO – doesn’t need any extra setting for duplicate titles SEO YOAST – but requires making extra settings for duplicate titles

Custom Permalinks for Property URL

How to create your custom permalink structure with Wp Residence properties: Step1:  Install this plugin – Custom Post Type Permalinks Step2: Then go to Settings – Permalinks and for estate_property add Step3: Keep permalinks to custom from Custom Settings Step4: Check the Result How to create a custom permalink for Properties combining property categories With the same […]

Redirect pages

Use the “Quick Page/Post Redirect Plugin” to redirect certain pages to a page url you wish.    

Custom Order for Taxonomies / Categories

There is a plugin that has more sorting options and allows you to order in which order you wish: Custom Taxonomy Order NE – Short example about how to use this plugin Open TERM ORDER settings and select the taxonomy you wish to change order for Set your custom order and save This will apply […]

How to use a cache plugin with Multicurrency widget dropdown

As long as you use any cache plugins, the plugins will cache everything, including the currency cookies and the currency switch will show your chosen currency only after cache is deleted from plugin.  Exclude these cookies from being cached for the widget to work: my_custom_curr my_custom_curr_pos my_custom_curr_symbol NOTE: You can set to exclude all these […]

Fastest Cache plugin settings.

WP Fastest Cache is a 3rd party plugin that is used by many of our clients. In order to work properly the following settings must be made: Also, the delete cache period must be set: Logged-in Users: Do not show the cached version for logged-in users option doesn’t work with WPML plugin.