Theme Options -> Login Modal & Header Design

From Theme Options -> Design -> Header Design & Colors tab you can change colors, login modal options, menu font size and hover menu design options These are settings you can manage. Login/Register Modal Image and Message These options apply for this modal: Header and Sticky Header Height Top Menu and Menu Item Font Size   Border […]

Detect user city name for Header Image title or Header Video Title on Homepage.

If you use Image or Video in header you can enable this option to detect user location on homepage Demo – https://london.wpresidence.net/ Help: how to add image in header – http://help.wpresidence.net/article/1-30-3-header-image-and-parallax-effe/ Help: how to add video in header – http://help.wpresidence.net/article/1-30-3-video-header-option-for-each-page-post/

Theme Options -> General -> Header Settings

Related Help: How to change Header colors The header settings are edited in Theme Options – General – Header. Show top bar widget menu? This option will allow you to show this extra top bar for header. Show top bar as Transparent with or without borders You can manage this per page as well from […]

Change icon in header submit – login. Change Icon with Text for Login Modal

Change Icon with Icon We added a fontello icon but you can replace with a fontawesome icon h i.demo-icon.icon-lock-1:before { content: “\f043”; font: normal normal normal 14px/1 FontAwesome; margin-right: 7px; font-size: 20px; } The icon code – f043 – you can take from fontawesome 4 – https://fontawesome.com/v4.7.0/icons/ Change Icon with Text .submit_action:before { border: 1px solid green; content: […]

Header type 5

Header type5: https://paris.wpresidence.net/ Header Type 5 can be selected from Theme Options-General-Header-Header type: Header type 5 has  3 widget areas. Each widget has 3 options: Icon, First line of text and Second line of text:   These details can be added in heme Options-General-Header

“Add Listing” Button and Form from the header main menu

How to enable or remove the new “Add Listing” button Video Tutorial  The new button can be disabled / enabled from the header menu from theme options The button will show in top menu area. The button will open a page that allows users to submit a property, which will be saved only if […]

Header type 4- Vertical header

The theme has 5 header types that be be used.  The header type can selected from Theme Options-General-Header Header Type 4 – is vertical – left and open by default Below you can find the steps to set the header type Select type 4: The elements from menu can be edited from admin-Appearance-Menus The vertical […]

How to remove the login from the theme

  In order to remove the login menu/ +Submit Properties, you need to go to Theme Options->General->Header and set Show user login menu in header ? to NO     For the login to be remove from mobile as well, you need to add the below custom css in Theme Options-Design-Custom Colors-Custom CSS: .mobile-trigger-user { […]

Tokyo Menu Background Color

This colors are set with custom css Adapt below css to your needs and edit or add in theme options – design – custom colors – custom css .header_type3_menu_sidebar { background-color: #FF3B3D; } .header_type3_menu_sidebar #access ul.menu>li>a, .header_type3_menu_sidebar #access .menu>li>a i { color: #ffffff; }

How to add icons to main menu (same as in Los Angeles Demo for ex)

For this end result: Follow the below steps. Go to admin – menus – edit menu   Example of Navigation Label You can take other fontawesome icons from our theme list of icons – http://help.wpresidence.net/article/font-awesome/ For the spacing between icon menus we added a custom css solution (which may need to be adjusted to your […]

Header Image and Parallax Effect

There are 2 global options related to header image. Select header type to be global (all pages, all posts, all properties, all agents, all taxonomies, all archives and categories) and Enable parallax for all header media with image or video If you wish to use header image only for a specific page / post / […]

Video Header option for each Page & Post

The Video Header options shows under Appearance Settings in Edit Page – Edit Post – Edit Agent – Edit Property (* except for when you choose to have full header slider) For the video header you can add self hosted video in mp4, WEBM, OGV versions. You can include a cover image (in case the […]


For speed reasons, It’s very important to upload also Retina Logos: Video for how to upload add logos and their retina version WpResidence theme is ready for screens and retina devices and the retina script will automatically detect and load retina images. Logos have just to exist. For the RETINA logos version first must create […]

Add Font Awesome icon to menus

Edit footer menu item from Admin – Menus Add the icon font awesome in the CSS CLASSES element. You can find the CSS class for your icon on the Font Awesome homepage or by using the the cheatsheet. Each is prefixed by “fa-” to differentiate from any other common classes that may already be in […]

How to change mobile header height and logo size

To increase header height use this css code into theme options -> design -> custom css code .(or add in your style.css ) .mobile_header { height: 70px; } Change “70” value in the code with your own value. To increase mobile logo height use this css .mobile-logo img{ max-height: 70px; } Change “70” value in […]

How to change Header Type. How to change Logo / Menu position

Header Type is changed from Header Settings Can choose between 5 header types. Header type 1: https://wpresidence.net/ Header type 2: Header type 3:  https://tokyo.wpresidence.net/ Header type 4: https://rome.wpresidence.net/ Header type5: https://paris.wpresidence.net/ For each type you can select different alignment options   And for all options you can set header wide – 100% or grid wide (wide as the grid […]

Header type 2

Header type  2 can be selected from Theme Options-General-Header-Header type You can chose to place the logo on the LEFT side of the header Place logo in CENTER Or place the logo on the RIGHT side. Header type 2 can be also set to be WIDE (100% screen wide)

Header type 1

Header Type 1 can be selected from Theme Options-General-Header-Header type Header type 1 can be set to have the logo aligned to left or to right Header type 1 can also be made wide (screen wide) from the Header section in Theme Options as well.  

Vertical Menu. Header Type 3

To choose Vertical Menu for your installation, first select Header Type from theme options. To set header Type 3 choose this: Header type 3 – is vertical – positioned on the right side and closed by default The Login/Register will not be included in the header type 3.  You can add a register/login widget  or […]

Header Type 2 – Center Menu (if no user menu is enabled)

If you use this header combination and you wish to center menu as well, please read further. Select header type 2 with logo centered   Below css will align menu in center (use this ONLY if you don’t enable the user menu in header). By default menu is on the left and user menu is […]

Design Theme Settings – General Design Settings

From Theme options  –  Design – General Design Settings you can control the following: Main Grid Width The entire grid will change in the front end, except the half map style page which is by default 100% width because of the special page content/design. Content Width (In Percent) You can also set the width of […]

General Theme Settings – Logos & Favicon

For default design, the logo must have a maximum height of 54 px and the sticky logo must have a maximum height 65px. If you add logos with greater height, they will be automatically resized to this max height. Changing max logo height is done through custom CSS. See more below.  From Theme Options -> General […]


To create the menu go to Appearance -> Menu. Create a new menu and add the links using the panels listed on the left. You can also add a custom link to show in footer: Save It would be placed like this  


To create the menu go to Appearance -> Menu. Create a menu and add the links using the panels listed on the left. You can create different menus for primary menu, footer menu and mobile menu. When the menu is ready go to Manage Locations. Select Primary Menu , Mobile Menu and Footer Menu and […]

How to change Main Menu. Mega Menu

To create the menu go to Appearance -> Menu. Create a menu and add the links using the panels listed on the left. You can create different menus for primary menu, footer menu and mobile menu. When the menu is ready go to Manage Locations. Select Primary Menu , Mobile Menu and Footer Menu and […]

Custom Header Media Options

Video tutorial for how to manage custom hero header media options The theme allows you to set global header for all pages, posts, properties, agents, taxonomies, archive pages. This is managed from Theme Options -> Header Settings. Help – http://help.wpresidence.net/article/global-header-options/ Custom Header Media Options For every page you can choose a different header media option […]