Technical how to | Custom Code Required

This technical help has been written by our development team based on the answers/directions provided to our clients who have asked for directions to modify the code. We published them hoping that they will help other clients with similar requests implement the modifications faster.

Please keep in mind that theme customization services ARE NOT included in the client standard support. Our support team cannot do code modifications for you.

Item support is a service provided directly by us through the FreshDesk ticket system. Support is limited to questions regarding the theme’s features or problems with the theme. We are not able to provide support for code customizations or third-party plugins.

Please read the full Themeforest support policy is available here for further information (

Edit Breadcrumbs URL

The breadcrumbs are in templates/breadcrumbs.php. If you want to change the way they are displayed you can modify the file. Please note that there some check in there like if the page is a category or if is a front page if( $category!=”){ print ‘<li>’.$category.'</li>’; } if(!is_front_page()){

How to manage Comments Display

If you have in comments section such a wrong display alignment as in this screenshot. Open SCREEN OPTIONS and un-check “In Response To”

Remove decimals from property size number format. Change thousand separator

To remove decimals from property size and property lot size navigate to Theme Options > General > General Settings and set 0 to Properties Size & Lot Size – no of decimals option.   Code location wpresidence/libs/general-functions.php Line 14 $value = number_format($value,$decimals,’.’,$th_separator);  

How to enable sound for video in header

In order to enable sound for videos that are added in header you need to go to libs/help_functions.php at line 245 and just remove the word muted. Help article about how to add video in the header

Technical – How to remove Properties List Filter Options ONLY from taxonomy pages

If you wish that on taxonomy page you do not let users find properties form other categories/types/cities or areas and you simply let people sort the results from that taxonomy, you can use below css for this result .archive .dropdown.listing_filter_select.filter_action_category { display: none; } .archive .dropdown.listing_filter_select.filter_category { display: none; } .archive .dropdown.listing_filter_select.filter_county { display: none; […]

How to make property slider auto scroll in WP RESIDENCE

Depending on listing slider type you have setup you must make the change on listingslider.php  or  listingslide-vertical.php Look for data-interval=”false”> instead of false add miliseconds. 1sec =1000 So add 1000 for 1 second 2000 for 2 seconds

Remove space between currency symbol and price

In order to remove space between currency and price you must make code changes in function wpestate_show_price from wpresidence/libs/help_functions.php The edit must be done in several places, same file. Do a file search by $currency name to find all the places. For property multi currency remove just the space from 2 places wpresidence/js/google_js/mapfunctions.js in 2 […]

How to force google autocomplete to return results in one language

By default the API detects the browser settings of the user and set the language appropriately. To force google autocomplete to return results in one language must add language for autocomplete. Add highlighted code in css_js_include.php as displayed in  below screenshot:

How to change design of Featured status and Full info button in default unit

To change design of Featured  status change CSS in this class: .featured_div { max-width: 85px; float: left; background-color: #f1bf7f; color: #333333; position: relative; left: 0px; font-size: 12px; border-radius: 0px; padding: 1px 18px; line-height: 17px; background-image: none!important; margin-bottom: 4px; } To change design of Full info button change CSS in these classes: .unit_details_x a, .unit_details_x { […]

How to change mail icon / contact us icon design

To change mail icon design change CSS in these classes : .contact-box { font-size: 25px; -webkit-border-radius: 4px; -moz-border-radius: 4px; border-radius: 4px; background-color: #1a1a1a; padding: 10px 12px; position: fixed; bottom: 10px; right: -125px; z-index: 100; opacity: 0; transition: all .2s ease-in-out; -webkit-transition: all .2s ease-in-out; -moz-transition: all .2s ease-in-out; -ms-transition: all .2s ease-in-out; -o-transition: all .2s ease-in-out; […]

Technical: Display top bar in sticky header

In order to display top bar in sticky header should be used below CSS: .has_top_bar .master_header_sticky { top: 0px; } .admin-bar.has_top_bar .master_header_sticky { top: 32px; } Help article about how to add custom CSS Tip: If you have theme cache enabled, make sure you clear cache to see instant results.

How to disable lightbox from property page slider

In order to disable lightbox from property page slider should be used below CSS: .carousel-inner { pointer-events: none; } Help article about how to add custom CSS Tip: If you have theme cache enabled, make sure you clear cache to see instant results.

Technical – How to show the Login Modal automatically after User Successfully Registers

Please add the following code in ajaxcalls.js as displayed in below screenshot: setTimeout(function(){ jQuery(‘#widget_login_topbar’).trigger(‘click’); }, 3000); After the “you can login” message is displayed the script will wait for 3 seconds and then display the login form. If you want to change the waiting duration replace the 3000 with your number (1sec = 1000 )

Child Theme: How to add links to copyright message

If you wish to add a link in the footer copyright text, this has to be done by adding custom HTML in the PHP file for the footer. Install the WpResidence Child Theme – Edit templates\footer_template.php file locally The code would look like this and it would be added in templates\footer_template.php Upload the modified […]

How to Remove the Number of Images and Address over the default property card

If you wish to not show the address and number of images over the image in property card – use this css To remove the number of photos: .property_media { display: none; } To remove the address over the image: .property_location_image { display: none; } Help article about how to add custom CSS Tip: If […]

Technical How To: Center map pin

The information we add into infoboxes is “attached” tot the actual marker (pin) when we create it. This happens in mapfunctions.js file via function createMarker() To center pin in the map must remove map.panBy from all highlighted places as displayed in the below screenshot, but this will apply for all locations of the map/infobox. Explanations when you […]

Technical how to disable auto zoom of the map

To remove the auto-zoom from the code, the following code instructions must be followed: In wpresidence/js/google_js/mapfunctions.js please go and remove map.fitBounds in function wpestate_fit_bounds – around line 1090. You can set a different level of zoom by changing the “15”  

How to remove sticky header

Sticky menu is set to display by default. You can remove the sticky header by enabling sticky search instead:  You can remove the sticky menu without using sticky search by adding the below CSS: .header_wrapper.customnav { display: none; } Help article about how to add custom CSS Tip: If you have theme cache enabled, make […]

Technical: Enable Map Zoom In and Zoom Out on mouse scroll

Technical how to Enable Map Mouse Zoom In and Zoom Out To enable map mouse zoom in and zoom out edit the following files In  mapbase.js change false to true  for  scrollwheel  and   change  ‘cooperative’   with  ‘greedy‘   for gestureHandling.  Do this change at line 245 and 981.   For map from agency or developer page make the […]

How to remove default Property ID

To remove the Automatic ID from front end Property Page use this custom CSS. Add the below custom CSS in Theme Options > Design > Custom CSS: #propertyid_display{ display:none; } Help article about how to add custom CSS

Technical: change date format

Change date format for Schedule a showing option   You need to edit js/ajaxcalls.js and at line 2770 you have dateFormat : “yy-mm-dd”, Replace the “yy-mm-dd” with your date format   For the attached image – go into membership.php,  function wpestate_get_pack_data_for_user_top at line 170. In that function look for $expired_date = date(‘Y-m-d’,$expired_date); at line 212 […]

Technical – Change step in price slider

Updated for 3.5.1 version To change the step size in slider you need to open the wpresidence/js/control.js file In there you have the function wpestate_enable_slider(); in 2 places Add the “step code ” after the value data in slider creation code . Should have something like jQuery(“#” + slider_name).slider({ range: true, min: parseFloat(slider_min), max: parseFloat(slider_max), […]

How to remove countries from the dropdown

If you want to remove,add or edit a country you need to do a small code  change Open file  \plugins\wpresidence-core\misc\plugin_help_functions.php and at line 336 you have function wpestate_country_list_array To add a new country add the code like in the example bellow $countries = array( esc_html__(“Your Country”, “wpresidence-core”), esc_html__(“Afghanistan”, “wpresidence-core”),

Technical: How to disable pagination on advanced search results/property lists

If you are using the classic template you need to go to templates/normal_map_core.php and delete this line <?php wpestate_pagination($prop_selection->max_num_pages, $range =2); ?> Is around line 294 If you are using the half_map_core delete the same code as above- around line 167 Since the property list and advanced search results use the same templates to display […]

Technical – Make payments recurring by default

In user_membership_profile.php at line line 55 you have <input type=”checkbox” name=”pack_recuring” id=”pack_recuring” value=”1″ style=”display:block;” /> replace that with <input checked type=”checkbox” name=”pack_recuring” id=”pack_recuring” value=”1″ style=”display:block;” /> If you are doing this via child theme look over this article also :

Technical how to: property Page Map – show only property pin

Starting theme version 1.15 – you can use the single property map shortcode – In property page is displayed only the property pin in property page map. —- For those that have lower theme version than 1.18 and wish to add this functionality must follow below steps: If you want to show only the property […]

Add new measurement unit (beside ft2 and m2)

Help made for for version 2.07  First you need to go into wpresidence-core plugin  / admin/ options-init.php file and around line 225 you have $measure_array = array( esc_html__(‘ft’,’wpresidence-core’ ) => esc_html__(‘square feet – ft2′,’wpresidence-core’ ), esc_html__(‘m’,’wpresidence-core’ ) => esc_html__(‘square meters – m2′,’wpresidence-core’ ), esc_html__(‘ac’,’wpresidence-core’ ) => esc_html__(‘acres – ac’,’wpresidence-core’ ), esc_html__(‘yd’,’wpresidence-core’ ) => esc_html__(‘square yards […]

How to keep Accordions closed by default on property page

1. Default page template Go to templates/property_page_acc_content.php  file Add class “collapsed” to the link below <a data-toggle=”collapse” data-parent=”#accordion_prop_addr” href=”#collapseTwo” > becomes <a data-toggle=”collapse” data-parent=”#accordion_prop_details” href=”#collapseOne” aria-expanded=”false” class=”collapsed”> _______________ On the h4 element add the class “carusel_closed” <h4 class=”panel-title”> becomes <h4 class=”panel-title carusel_closed”> _____________________________ Remove class “in” on the div <div id=”collapseTwo” class=”panel-collapse collapse in”> becomes […]