• Contact form for agent shows on the property page, under agent or user info (email is sent to agent/user email address)

Contact form can be displayed on sidebar or below property details and in lightbox.
Help article for how to manage the user/agent/agency/developer contact form position

    • Contact form from the agent page (email is sent to agent email address)

  • Agent contact form includes the link of the page from where the email was sent in email content.

email from agent page example

property page contact form
The emails sent from the theme can be managed from Theme Options > Advanced > Email Management.
Help article for Email Management

Duplicate Emails to secondary emails

NOTE: As admin, you can set in theme options another email address to receive a copy of the emails sent through agent contact forms.

Contact Page Form

  • The contact form on the contact page (email is sent to the email address set in theme options – social and contact – email)

  • The email received by admin looks like this:

contact page

Contact 7 plugin contact forms for Agent & Contact pages

Help article for how to setup Contact Form 7 in Residence

Contact 7 plugins can support these features:

  • Reply to email is the email of the user sending the form:

reply to your email

  • Sender email address is set in the contact form
  • You can add more fields

contact 7 options

  • You can add re-captcha
  • Email are sent to the agent email address
  • Email contact includes automatically the page from where the email was sent
Contact 7 plugin forms cannot support these options:

  • Styling of the forms is different as the css set by plugin developers cannot be overwritten completely.
  • Contact 7 plugin contact forms DO  NOT replace the contact form in theme footer.

Footer Contact Form

  • Footer contact form (that shows when clicking on the email icon, next to GO UP button) (email is set in theme options, social and contact, company email)


  • All above theme contact form are built with wordpress nonces – https://codex.wordpress.org/WordPress_Nonces (so no captcha is required, there is already an anti-spam email)
  • The sender email is set to be [email protected] To change this default address with another email address you can use a plugin – such as  WP SIMPLE EMAIL SENDER plugin.
    Set sender email address from this plugin settings:
  • For the contact form to show a user/agent/agency/developer must be setup as responsible to the property.
    If the property is submitted by a user with administrator level, no contact form shows. This was done on purpose, for clients who don’t want to show any contact form.

    Help article for how to assign users, agent, agency or developer to properties from admin
    Help article for how to manage Users, Agents, Agencies and Developers