The Property Search form builder for Elementor was added in 4.0 theme version.  The widget can be easily used to create new and attractive search forms.

This video explains how to work with the Properties Search form builder for Elementor. We show you how to create a search form with properties categories set as tabs and with different fields set for each tab. Watch Video on Youtube
Before reading this help file you may want to check this video. It explains theme functionality and may be easier to understand. Watch Video on Youtube
This video explains how to design a search form in WpResidence, by guiding you through all the options available for advanced search form in the theme Watch Video on Youtube
This video explains How to manage Geo location and Radius search in WpResidence search forms in Search form builder and in the general theme advanced search Watch Video on Youtube

The widget can be found under WP Residence Widgets and can be added in the page with Drag and Drop


The widget will have the option to enable/disable the tabs for search, form fields, and also set the search button .

For tabs, you can set any of the property categories and select the elements that you wish to display as tabs, also you can change the order of the categories set as tabs

The search field can be beset in the Form Fields section.  The same rules as for the theme search form will apply.

Help for settings the search form fields

The search button can be set from Submit search section

In the style section, you will be able to customize the search form elements