To use WPResidence, you must be running WordPress 4.4 or higher and PHP5.6 or higher.

The below tips are for 2500 pins – as we tested

We have a dedicated server and a demo with 2500 properties here with an average of 4 sec loading time. You can get the same results with a shared hosting. Read more here:

For have the same results we recommend to be followed below steps:

1.Make sure you are not missing images.

Add pins to properties or enable price pins as google maps requests increase if you do not have this.

Pin Management – Theme Options

2. Enable read from file for pins

On some servers the way we load pins without the “Read from file” system starts to slow down from less than 200 properties. So – just in case – test that read from file system –

Works with the “generate pins” button (manual control) or a cron that generates new pins every 24 hours automatically.

Google Maps Settings: How read from file works

3. Enable gzip on server and make sure your hosting has a cache system (like memcached for ex)

As workaround you can use plugins like  FASTEST CACHE- plugin and enable gzip compression. Enabling cache as well will make a difference, but server cache has better results.

4. Enable Minify from the theme and follow the rest of the suggestions

4.1 Limit the number of pins to a number supported by your hosting

Starting 1.18 version we have  added the option to choose the Maximum number of pins that will show on the map for a single page.

5. Make sure your images are optimized.

Make sure your images and less size possible – this applies for any image. Use plugins such as SMUSH IT or EWWW OPTIMIZER.

6.You are using too many plugins.

Remember that every plugin you install has to load with every page. A lot of them are cached efficiently and don’t impact performance, but just as many are built poorly, packed with features that aren’t needed.

7. You are using Cheap or Shared Hosting. 

Sorry to break it to you, but your $9.95 Turbo Plan at Hostgator/A2hosting/Bluehost/Godady probably isn’t suitable for your website. Shared hosting means you SHARE resources. That means that there are hundreds of sites like yours all fighting for resources on the same machine(computer).This is how these companies makes money : they take a server and put as much clients as possible on it and limit the resources for each website hosted there. It’s  even worse is if you’re running multiple websites running on the same plan!

Also a hacker who has gained access to one site on a shared machine can most likely gain access to all the sites on that machine.  Look for at least a virtual hosting.  – you should get a decent one for $20-$30.

8. Always update

Always update to the latest theme versions and WordPress version. We release constant updates with new features but also with code improvements that may speed up your website.


*** we update this document on regular basis – you should check it from time to time.


Speed results for thousands of listings. Recommendations.

In our opinion the limit for a decent speed on one dedicated is less than 7k. Solutions for 7k+ would require some custom development or limiting the map number of pins to show at one time.

We know the map works ok with a few thousand pins (we believe the decent speed limit is around 5k or a little more with above tips).

Our ideas/suggestions are:

– Also – we’re not 100% sure this would be the only direction needed for managing 30000 properties on one server. It could be possible such a solution requires a VIP hosting solution (like this one and the theme would have to be tested and adapted 100% to such a scalable solutions. Without ever being tested – we cannot know if this solution will work out of the box or it would require customization – especially for the third party (google maps).

For our core we can only add a limited number of changes without affecting our existing clients. And these ideas must be customized based on each client needs.