Video for Advanced Search type 8 setup 

Advanced Search type 8 includes 2 default fields: auto-complete for the city, area, state fields + a 2nd dropdown taxonomy field All Types OR All Actions (depends on what you select as the source for the tabs – see below).

It will show only over theme header media –

You can test it on this demo

Specifications about how Type 8 Search works:

1. Search type 8 shows only in header media.

Header media means Header Google Maps, Header Rev Slide, Header Listings/Properties slider OR Header Image.

Help for Header Meadia options:

The advanced search widget, shortcode, and mobile search sync with the custom fields set in theme options (not the tabs/auto-complete search)

2. The auto-complete information resets when landing on the advanced search results. The user must select a new option for a new search

3. Search type 8 works only with custom fields enabled.

How to enable/set search Type 8

First select type 8 from Theme options-Search-Advanced Search Settings:

Then go and select which taxonomy you wish to show categories from in the tabs. SAVE.

You can work with Categories OR Action Categories.

Next, select the categories to show in tabs. Use CTRL to select multiple categories. SAVE.

Custom Fields setup

Last select what other custom fields you wish to show in the advanced search which will appear in widget search, shortcode search, and mobile search.

Price Slider setup

The minim and maxim price values for each tab do not apply for Search type 8 since there is no price slider in the header

The Price slider in Mobile Search, Half Map search fields, Search Widget, and Search Shortcode takes the value set in Advanced Search Settings:


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