The global header media options are:

  • – Google Maps,
  • – Revolution Slider,
  • – Theme Slider Static Image or
  • – None.

Global Header Media for Pages, Blog Posts, Agents

Choose the global header media from Theme  Options -> Header

Global Header Media for Properties

Header media for Property is set from Property page settings.

If you choose a property slider design that goes in header of the property, that will take priority over the header media options.

Global Header Media for Taxonomies (Property  Categories)

You have a separate option to manage Taxonomies (properties categories header). More here –

Header Google Maps

If you select Global Header Media as Google Maps – then you can change default map location, default google maps zoom, cluster max zoom from theme options – Map – Map Settings –

Header Revolution Slider

If you Choose Revolution Slider as header – you must type the revolution slider name in the below field:

Header Theme Slider

If you choose Theme Slider as header – you must select the properties for theme slider from Theme Options – General – Theme Slider

Header static image

If you choose Header Static Image – you must upload the image in the below url:


Below you’ll find other options controlled from Header Options:

Transparent Header will look good if you will choose light colors for menu font. Hence you will need a dark background for menu too.

You can set to Transparent Header from Header – and then you will have a global header or from the Property page for a single page.




You can override the global settings from edit page – edit post – edit agent or edit agent.

Read more here: