If the search button is not redirecting you to the search results page check the following settings:

1. Make sure Permalinks are set to Post Name

Navigate to WordPress > Settings > Permalinks and on this page setup Post Name and save.

2. Check if the search results page template exists.

This page is included with the theme activation, however, you may have deleted it by mistake. If it doesn’t exist, you just create a new page with the Advanced Search Results template.

Advanced Search Results – Half Map Style
Advanced Search Results – Standard Style

Don’t set Advanced Search results as homepage!

3. Check the theme installation.

If neither of the above work, check theme installation.

A wrong theme install (theme copied inside theme for example) will create duplicate page templatWordPressrdpress will not be able to know which is the correct one. The solution is to remove the wrong theme. Have just 1 theme wpresidence in wp-content/themes.

You may need to edit all custom page templates and save them again after you correct the error.

To make sure you always install the theme correctly – check this help:  https://help.wpresidence.net/article/theme-installation/ 

To make sure you always update the theme correctly – check this help:   https://help.wpresidence.net/article/how-to-update-the-theme/