Theme Options

How to manage Transparent Header

The page header is the section that will contain the menu, logo, and user login elements. The top bar section is the section above the header where you can add widgets. The sections can be set to be transparent. Note: The transparent option is suitable for pages that have a hero header set as an […]

Theme Options – General – Appearance

To manage your site global appearance options navigate to Theme Options > General > Appearance and locate the panel below on which you have the following options: Select theme layout: Boxed or Wide Version The wide version will show content to max grid width. Default is 1200px but you can increase to more from Theme Options > […]

Gmail (Google) Login

This is video tutorial for Google login, updated in January 2021 Where to add the Google APP details in theme options This option is enabled/disabled from theme options – social and contact – social accounts: How to create a Google APP Google Login requires you to create an APP.  See ALL the steps.. CREATE A […]

Facebook Login

Facebook Login needs SSL to work properly. Please install SSL and make sure your site works over https:// Facebook login needs an APP setup. The APP info and the option to enable or disable the login for facebook is set Theme Options > Social & Contact – Social login: For Facebook log-in, you need to […]

Theme options – General – General Settings

To manage the general settings navigate to Theme Options > General > General Settings and locate the panel below on which you have the following options:   Default Country Default country shows in submit form when adding a property from admin or from the front end. It is used to find the property location latitude […]

Contact Form 7 in Residence

If you use this option, the theme default contact will be replaced with a contact form 7 contact form – but the emails will still be sent to agent email address.  Content Installation Setup Main Features Style the Forms Limitations How to disable the Contact Form Function Install Contact Form 7 Step1: First, install the […]

Global Header Media Options

The theme allows you to set a global header for all pages, posts, properties, agents, taxonomies, archive pages, but you can also set a different header type for each page. The global hero header settings are managed from Theme Options > General > Header Settings for pages, posts, agents, and category page, and from Theme Options […]