Facebook Login needs SSL to work properly. Please install SSL and make sure your site works over https://

Facebook login needs an APP setup. The APP info and the option to enable or disable the login for facebook is set Theme Options > Social & Contact – Social login:

For Facebook log-in, you need to create a Facebook APP.

Follow these steps:

Step1: Go to https://developers.facebook.com/

Login with Facebook – And go to APPs – ADD new APP.

This is the updated video tutorial for Facebook login


Add APP name and email address

Add verification CODE

Step2: Choose Facebook Login


Step3:  Go to Settings-Basic and add the required details


Step4: Go to App Review section and set Advanced access for public_profile  and email  features.

Step5: Go to Facebook Login->Settings, and add the My Profile link from your WP Residence installation.

To take My Profile page Redirect URI, go to your WordPress Installation as logged in -> My Profile

Copy the URL you see for “My Profile” page as use it as “Redirect URI” in the APP configuration


Step6: Paste the URL in Facebook APP

Step7: Go to APP Review and make the APP public

Step8: Go to Settings-Basic and copy APP ID and APP secret:

Step9: Next to go Theme Options – Contact & Social and fill in the APP details:


  • Site visitors that will login to the site using the Facebook login option will become regular users.
  • When the user logins with Facebook, the theme redirects the user to My Profile page and imports email. Read more here about how to create My profile page.
  • If Facebook cannot share email, the theme will add an email automatically as [email protected] and user can update his email from the profile.
  • If Facebook login doesn’t show any email – it means there is already a user with that email address.
Please do not test the Facebook login with the same account that you used to create the APP.