Facebook Login needs SSL to work properly. Please install SSL and make sure your site works over https:// 

Facebook login needs an APP setup. The APP info and the option to enable or disable the login for facebook is set Theme Options – Social and Contact – Social Accounts:

For Facebook log in, you need to create a Facebook APP.

Follow these steps:

Go to https://developers.facebook.com/

Login with Facebook – And go to APPs – ADD new APP.


This is the updated video tutorial for Facebook login


Add APP name and email address

Add verification CODE

Choose Facebook Login


Go to Settings-Basic and add the required details

Go to Facebook Login->Settings, and add the My Profile link from your WP Residence installation.

To take My Profile page Redirect URI, go to your WordPress Installation as logged in -> My Profile

Copy the URL you see for “My Profile” page as use it as “Redirect URI” in the APP configuration

Paste the URL in Facebook APP

Go to APP Review and make the APP public

Go to Settings-Basic and copy APP ID and APP secret:

Next to go Theme Options – Contact & Social and fill in the APP details:


When user logins with facebook, theme redirects user to My Profile page and imports email

If facebook cannot share email, the theme will add an email automatically as username@facebook.com and user can update his email from profile.

If facebook login doesn’t show any email – it means there is already a user with that email address.

!!! Please do not test the Facebook login with the same account that you used to create the APP.