WpEstate CRM (Customer Relationship Management) plugin saves all contact form messages and allows you to manage Lead Messages and Contacts from wp-admin backend.

The key features of WpEstate CRM are:

  • Lists messages sent as emails in wp-admin dashboard, under “Leads”
  • Saves senders information under “Contacts”
  • Lets you add new contacts manually.
  • Lets you manage Leads Statuses and Contacts Statuses from wp-admin dashboard

How to install WpEstate CRM

You will be prompted to install WpEstate CRM from Dashboard -> Appearance -> Install Plugins

Install and activate the plugin if you wish to use it. If you don’t want to use it, you can disregard the notification as this is a recommended plugin, not a mandatory one.

How it works:

  • WpEstate CRM saves all the theme contact forms messages as ‘leads’
  • A lead message includes automatically: Contact form’s full name, email, phone number, the agent’s name, the link from where the form was sent, the message’s content and date.
  • A lead message can be managed from wp-admin Dashboard with extra settings: add lead status to the lead message, add comments, add notes
  • A contact can be edited from wp-admin too, and add notes, contact status
  • You can add a new contact manually, you can  manage contact statuses and lead message statuses

WpEstate CRM Leads

Sent contact form messages save as CRM leads.

Contact page form:

Agent, Agency or developer profile pages contact forms

The message is sent from profile page.

In wp-admin -> WpEstate CRM -> Leads -> Lead message details you see who sent the message, the message, the agent to which the message was sent, the link from where the message was sent. Additionally, you can add your personal notes.

Property pages contact forms

The lead message show the contact details, the message, the agent (agency or developer) who was assigned to the property, the link from where the message was sent. As admin you can add: a status to the message (ex: answered, etc), a comment, and a note.

How to add new comments to lead messages

How to edit a contact

Contacts save in a separate list

Contact details can be edited from wp-admin -> WpEstate CRM -> Contacts -> Edit Contact. By default we save the name (from contact form), the email (from contact form), the phone (from contact form). You can add other contact details, comments, a featured image to the contact profile, a status to the contact profile.

Add a new contact or a new lead

If you wish to add other contacts or leads, that’s a possibility too.

Contact Status and Lead Messages Status

You can add any contact status and lead messages status from Edit Contact / Edit lead , or from Edit Contact Statuses  /  Edit Lead Statuses