Language Included

Residence theme offers human translations and machine translations. If you would like to contribute and improve the existing translations, we appreciate the help. You can send us the translations in client support and we will make sure they are listed in the next theme update.

33 languages are added (these are 100% translations machine done): Arabic, Bulgarian, Czech, German, Greek, Spanish, French, Hebrew, Hindi, Croatian, Hungarian, Indonesian, Islenka, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Dutch,Nederlands (België), Polish, Portuguese, Romania, Russian, Slovak, Slovenščina, Serbian, Spanish, Svenska, Russian, Thai, Turkish, Urdu – PAKISTAN, Vietnamese, Simplified Chinese

The existing translations are listed in the following folders

  • themes/wpresidence-child/languages/
  • plugins/wpresidence-core/languages/

How to apply the available Languages

Translated languages are already included in the child theme and Wp Residence Core plugin.

  1. Install the child theme –
  2. Go to Dashboard → Settings → General and select one of the available languages from Site Language drop down.
  3. Make further edits with Loco Translate plugin or using POEDIT software on your local computer.

The child theme translation stays there in case you update the theme (update just the main theme)
If you change the plugin translation, backup your new .po and .mo before you update as your translation will need to be restored.

There are two ways to translate a theme for a single language website.

Translate with Loco Translate Plugin


Loco Translate Plugin allows you to translate theme directly from WordPress Dashboard.

You can edit an existing translation or create a new language.

Follow the steps below for installation and configuration.

  • Step1: Install Loco Translate Plugin via Dashboard → Plugins. Activate the plugin.
  • Step 2: Go to Dashboard → Loco Translate → Themes or Dashboard→ Loco Translate – Plugins and click the name you want to translate.

  • Step3: If there is no translation .po, create one. Go back to the theme page again and click on New language. and to Plugin page and click on New language. Skip Template. 

Translate with POEDIT

Poedit is an application that must be downloaded and installed on your computer.

  • 1. Download and install POEdit. Get the free version.  You do not need Pro version.
  • 2. Open the theme language files:
    • wpresidence-child/languages and 
    • plugins/wpresidence-core/languages/wpresidence-core.po
  • 3. Open the .po file and set the language according to the language set in admin-Settings-General


  • 4. Start adding the translated words for each theme string.

  • 5. After the translation is done, you need to SAVE and rename both .po and .mo files with the proper name (for example de_DE.po). If the file name is not right the translation will not work. See this link for the proper name.
For wpresidence-child/languages . Ex: Your po should have the name language de_DE.po and (for German)
For plugins/wpresidence-core/languages/wpresidence-core.po Ex: Your po should have the language name wpresidence-core-de_DE.po and (for German)

6. Upload the translated and renamed .po and. mo files

  • wpresidence-child/languages  – You should have now wpresidence.po, + your new language po and mo.
  • plugins/wpresidence-core/languages/ – You should have now wpresidence-core.po, + your new language po and mo.

Check if the language file has the correct name – help here:


How to translate strings that are not included in the .po files


a. For Property Details, Property Features, Property Address

Property single page – content labels are managed from Admin –> Theme Options –> General -> Listing Labels


b. Property Features & Amenities, Categories, Types, Cities, Areas, States and Property Status

Features and Amenities are set in your language in Admin –> Properties -> Features & Amenities/Property Status/Categories/Action/City/Neighborhood/State

c. Property Fields – Custom Fields Labels

NOTE: Some default properties fields are managed from POEDIT (Address fields, Bedrooms, Rooms, Bathrooms, Size, Property Size).

Custom fields text labels are set in your language in Admin –> Theme Options –> General -> Custom Fields

d. For Advanced Search labels – custom fields,

Advanced Search Custom fields labels are set in your language in Admin –> Theme Options –> Search -> Advanced Search Form

Note 1: If you don’t have custom advanced search enabled, all fields are translated with .po translation)
Note 2: Dropdowns (All Cities, All Areas, All Types, All Listings – are managed only from .po translation).

e. Main Menu items are set in your language from Appearance -> Menus

Update the .po translation after a theme update

If we add new terms to wpresidence.po and wpresidence-core.po then your translation will have to be updated as well in order to include the new terms. The update can be done with POEDIT or Loco, but if ypu use Child theme , we recommend to use Poedit.

Step1: Open up your existing language PO file with Poedit software.


Step2. Go to Catalog and select Update from POT file


Step3. Select the new wpresidence.pot POT file from latest theme update folder


Step 4. Once the import is completed, all the new string from the new PO file will be added and your existing (translated) string will remain intact as well.


Step5. Finally, proceed to translate all the new string into your preferred language. Save. Move the updated .po and .mo language file back to wpresidence/languages or to child theme languages folder


If you need to use Loco translate:

Download the po and mo language files from the plugin


Open the po file with Poedit, follow the above steps and update po file from pot.

After, add the po file back in the Loco translate