To setup the Property Slider types navigate to Theme Options > Design > Property Page Settings and locate the panel below on which for Slider Type option you have 7 slider type which apply to all properties added from the front end:

On site admin, when editing each Property page you can select a custom “Slider Type”, different than the global setting. This list includes 1 extra slider type, “Animation Slider”.

1. Classic Slider

2. Vertical Slider

3. Horizontal Slider

4. Full-Width Header Slider

The Full-Width Header was designed to work with 8-9 images uploaded.

If you wish to add more than 8-9 images, and you wish to show the images on one row only, use this css and add in Theme options – Design – Custom CSS:

#carousel-property-page-header .carousel-indicators{

If you wish to hide the thumbs, use this CSS:

#carousel-property-page-header .carousel-indicators {
display: none;

Help article for how to add custom CSS

5. Gallery

6. Multi Image Slider

7. Header Masonry Gallery

8. Animation Slider

This style can set for a specific property only from admin – edit property: