In order to not allow to users to register on the site follow the below steps:

Step1: Navigate to Admin Dashboard > Settings > General and un-check Anyone can register option.


Step2: Disable login from the theme

  • Navigate to Theme Options > General > Header and set NO to Show user login menu in header ? option:

  • For the login to be removed from mobile as well, you need to add the below custom css in Theme Options > Design Custom CSS:

.mobile-trigger-user {
display: none;

  • Remove Save Favorites options

Add the below custom CSS in Theme Options > Design Custom CSS to remove the heart icon from the property card.

To remove the heart icon from the property card add this CSS.

.icon-fav {
display: none;
#add_favorites {
display: none;

Help article about how to add custom CSS

Step3: Remove any page with register/login shortcodes from Admin – Pages.

Step4: Do not use the WP Estate Login / Register widget on any sidebar.