Any real estate theme we have seen uses different fields and/or different field names. So to export/import you need 2 tools:

a. Export database from your current theme to xml or cvs
—> We know about this plugin – which can export custom post types and custom fields.

b. Import database from XML/CVS to WP RESIDENCE

WP ALL IMPORT is an import plugin that works with xml and cvs. They offer custom development services as well.

They also have a free addon for WP ALLIMPORT for WP RESIDENCE. Being a third party plugin, we don’t offer support for that to assist you further. Here is the help if you wish to see more on the plugin developer site –

Import of properties is very sensitive. A missing element in import can create issues and it’s very difficult to pinpoint the error – that’s why we cannot offer support for third party import/xml.

If the fields in your current theme are just re-named differently that should be the process.

If the fields in your current theme include new code that our theme doesn’t have, these fields would have to be coded in WP RESIDENCE to exist in our theme as well.