When you add a logo, you must add its retina version too for logo to show on retina devices.


To add Retina logo versions for your own logos:

  1. Create logo and give it a name. EX: logo.png
  2. Create retina logo, add _2x at the end of name of the original file. EX: logo_2x.png
  3. Upload the retina and non retina logo AT THE SAME TIME from Theme Options – Logo Settings 
  4. Insert the non retina logo in theme options. The RETINA version will automatically be detected on retina devices.
  5. Repeat for all logos available (sticky menu logo, transparent header logo, mobile menu logo)

You can add the retina logo version in MEDIA – Library – Add New as well.

Make sure the retina logo has _2x at the end. (if original name is logo, then retina should be logo_2x)


It is important the 2 images exist in the same month folder.