In theme we have 5 taxonomies: action, category, city, area and state. In search dropdown it has as the first option:

-“All action” for  action taxonomy,

-“All types” for category taxonomy,

-“All Cities” for city taxonomy,

-“All Areas” for area taxonomy,

-“All Counties/States” for state taxonomy.

In order to remove these labels from dropdown must make changes as explained below:

–> For “All action” remove highlighted code from function wpestate_get_action_select_list  from wpresidence\libs\help_functions.php (in version 1.70 is around line 3197 )

–> For “All Types” remove highlighted code from function wpestate_get_category_select_list from wpresidence\libs\help_functions.php

–> For “All Cities” remove highlighted code from function wpestate_get_city_select_list from wpresidence\libs\help_functions.php

–> For “All Area” remove highlighted code from function wpestate_get_area_select_list from wpresidence\libs\help_functions.php

–> For “All Counties/States” remove highlighted code from function wpestate_get_county_state_select_list from wpresidence\libs\help_functions.php