Question:  Is there a way using your custom form or to pull the listing page metadata into the email? Example: Listing Title: Price: Property ID: Property Address:

Answer : The answer is yes. You need to edit the file  misc/emailfunctions.php from  theme plugin:  wpresidence-core.

In there you have function wpestate_ajax_agent_contact_form around line 9 and around line 110 you have this code

$message .= __('Client Name','wpestate').": " . $name . "\n\n ".__('Email','wpestate').": " . $email . " \n\n ".__('Phone','wpestate').": " . $phone . " \n\n ".__('Subject','wpestate').": " . $subject . " \n\n".__('Message','wpestate').": \n " . $comment;

Add any other info you want to the $message variable.

If you want to add some details about a property (works only if the contact form is on a property page) you can do some like this


$message.=’ Property adress: ‘.$property_address;