The custom fields for properties are saved as an wordpress theme option. In order to view them all you can use this code

$custom_fields = wpresidence_get_option( 'wp_estate_custom_fields', '');

***the code above is not for production sites

If you did print the custom fields arrays you will see that we have stored the name, the label, type, order in the list and dropdown values if is the case. More exactly:
$name = $custom_fields[$i][0];
$label = $custom_fields[$i][1];
$type = $custom_fields[$i][2];
$order = $custom_fields[$i][3];
$dropdown_values = $custom_fields[$i][4];

The custom fields are saved in user_dashboard_add.php (for front end submission) around line 820 for save and line 1420 for edit:

for ex: update_post_meta($post_id, $slug, $value_custom);

Before saving the fields are filtered for html code and ordered. If you want to allow new html tags you need to add those tags into

$allowed_html   =   array();

around line 29.

or use

$allowed_html_desc from line 26 (which holds permission for html in description)


just create a new set of array with permitted html tags and use that

See how wp_kses function here :


The custom fields are displayed in wp admin using function custom_details_box in wp-content\plugins\wpresidence-core\post-types\property.php and on front end page using function estate_listing_details located in wp-content\themes\wpresidence\libs\listings_functions.php

If you want to display a custom field value and you don;t know it’s name you should open a property page in wp-admin with Chrome, right click and chose inspect element. The name of the field is the actual name of the input html element like in the screen capture below.


use this PHP function to print a custom field in a different location

get_post_meta($ post-> ID, 'custom_field_name', true);

MORE in wordpress codex  –

Property Default Fields name List

Price ->  property_price

After Price Label(*for example “per month”): -> property_label

Before Price Label(*for example “per month”): -> property_label_before