This technical help has been written by our development team based on the answers/directions provided to our clients who have asked for directions to modify the code. We published them hoping that they will help other clients with similar requests implement the modifications faster.

Please keep in mind that theme customization services ARE NOT included in the client standard support. Our support team cannot do code modifications for you.

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Technical how to : change blog details ( in blog list)

The blog units / blog cards displayed in the blog list can be changed by working on 2 files

templates/blog_unit.php – for the full width blog type

templates/blog_unit2.php – for the grid type list

In there we load and displa the title and link using

$link = get_permalink();
$title = get_the_title();

and the image with

$thumb_prop = get_the_post_thumbnail( $post->ID, ‘property_listings’,$extra );

The excerpt is loaded with this code (if there is no image attached to the blog post we load more content)

if( has_post_thumbnail() ){
echo wpestate_strip_words( get_the_excerpt(),18).' ...';
} else{
echo wpestate_strip_words( get_the_excerpt(),40).' ...';
} ?>