About IDX plugin compatibility

IDX plugin compatibility means that the theme works well if you add 3rd party plugins (such as dsIDXpress or Optima Express). The theme will not return any errors just by using these extra options. IDX plugins are Optional and they are not required for the theme to be installed and used.

How IDX works: If you install one of IDX plugins, they will work with the theme, without conflicts. BUT the properties added through the plugin can be managed only with plugin features, options. They will NOT be used with the theme options. The properties from IDX are managed in a different database and the theme cannot access those properties (the plugin developers do not offer such access). So you use the plugin as it is, with its own design and features.


Install DsIDXPress and mandatory add the google API key in dsIDXpress settings (after you insert your dsIDXpress license). They give a notice that you must add your API key in the plugin settings – but they show the error wrong. And because of that, it messes Redux save options. So you must have this saved immediately after activating the plugin

If you use dsIDXPress, Enable dsIDXpress to use the map option from Theme Options > MLS – IDX – RESO settings:

IMPORTANT! Do not enable this option if dsIDXPress plugin is not active.

Add 1 property in Admin – Properties – and pin it on the map for the properties in the IDX LISTINGS widget to show.

http://wordpress.org/plugins/dsidxpress/ plugin must be installed separately and it requires an account and a monthly fee.

The plugin is OPTIONAL and if used, it comes with its own design/features.


– WP Estate lists dsIDXpress Listings in the header map, same as we do with the properties you add in this theme’s wp-admin.*

Limitations imposed by dsIDXpress plugin developers:

  • *dsIDXpress listings show on the header map ONLY when IDX Listing widget is listed on the sidebar, as we showcase on this page. This widget can show only 50 properties at one time, so only 50 IDX properties can show on the header map.
  • NOTE: You can create different sidebars with a different IDX Listing widget to show up to 50 listings on the map for different pages.
  • You can change the pin for these limited number of dsIDXpress Listings in wp-admin – map settings – pin management
  • We’ve built custom CSS for 4 dsIDXpress sidebar widgets: IDX Areas, IDX Search, IDX single Listing, IDX listings.
  • We’ve built custom CSS for the following shortcodes: Insert Single Listing from MLS data (by dsIDXpress) & Insert Listings from MLS data (by dsIDXpress)
  • We’ve built custom CSS for some pages (imported from dsIDXpress)


  • Advanced Search doesn’t apply to dsIDXpress listings.
  • Google Maps filters don’t apply to dsIDXpress listings.
  • The agent page does not show listings by the Agent MLS ID number after the contact form.

Documentation links: http://wordpress.org/plugins/dsidxpress/ and http://www.dsidxpress.com/