Besides the default properties, details like title, images or description the WPResidence features some real estate specific fields like address, geo coordinates, price, size etc…

These default fields are set in wp-content\plugins\wpresidence-core\post-types\property.php  with the function details_estate_box (). These fields are saved as meta options of the custom post type property.

To retrieve these fields you need to use the get_post_meta.

$property_price = get_post_meta($post->ID, 'property_price', true);

The default fields are

property_price – property price,
property_label – label that appears after the price,
property_label_before – label that appears before price,
property_size – property size,
property_lot_size – property lot size,
property_rooms – property rooms,
property_bedrooms – property bedroomns,
property_bathrooms – property bathrooms,
embed_video_type – video type (vimeo or youtube),
embed_video_id – video id
owner_notes – owner notes
property_latitude – property latitude,
property_longitude – property longitude,
google_camera_angle – google street view camera angle,
keep_min – keep google map at min size,
property_google_view – enable google street view
page_custom_zoom – google maps zoom
property_agent – property agent id,
property_address – property address,
property_zip – property zip,
property_state – property state,
property_country – property country,
property_status – property status,
prop_featured – is property featured (1 or 0)

See also the custom fields explanation