The print function that appears on the property page is made via ajax. It means the action is triggered in the JavaScript while the actual print function is in php.

The JavaScript code can be fond in control.js around line 700

var prop_id, myWindow, ajaxurl;


The php function that create the “print” is  wpestate_ajax_create_printand can be found in plugins\wpresidence_core\misc\plugin_help_functions.php”

function wpestate_ajax_create_print(){

$post_id = $_POST[‘propid’];
$unit = esc_html( get_option(‘wp_estate_measure_sys’, ”) );

In the beginning of the function we gather information about the property  using get_post_meta or get_the_author_meta for agent/user.

The actul printing starts at line 735

print  '<html><head><link href="'.get_stylesheet_uri().'" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" /></head>';

The css classes for the print page can be found in style.css round line 11715 (to find the exact line search in style.css for this string ‘=Print’ )