When a new theme update is published, you will receive an email notification from ThemeForest.

Before updating Wp Residence make sure you follow the below recommendations in order to ensure your customizations done in the code are not lost.

Best practice

  • Make sure you always check the update notes – http://help.wpresidence.net/article-category/change-log/
  • Do a backup the files and the database, in case something goes wrong with the server, use the backup to revert to the previous state.
  • Clear the cache after you update (theme cache and browser cache)

How to take the latest theme version

Log in with your Theme Forest buyer account and Download the theme from under the Downloads menu. Choose only “Installable WordPress file only”

Update theme via FTP

  1. Place your site in maintenance mode, for this, you could use a plugin (ex. Ultimate Maintenance Mode, WP Maintenance Mode, … etc.)
  2. Go to “yoursite/wp-content/themes” folder location and backup your wpresidence theme folder by saving it to your computer, or rename it (wpresidence_old). Your content will not be lost but note that if you have modifications to the theme code they will be lost. You have to reapply them after the update is over.
  3. Connect to your FTP account using Filezilla.
  4. Inside Filezilla navigate to the WordPress theme directory “yoursite/wp-content/themes”.
  5. Retrieve the wpresidence.zip file from your recently ThemeForest download and extract the file to get the updated wpresidence theme folder.
  6. Drag and drop the new wpresidence theme folder into “yoursite/wp-content/themes” and overwrite the existing files.
NOTE: make sure you don’t copy theme files inside the previous theme folder and get duplicate files.
Next – if you had any special modifications done in the previous theme version you can copy from wpresidence_old backup to new wpresidence folder. But we would strongly recommend using child theme for changes. 

How to install child theme

Update the theme via WordPress

  1. Deactivate the current wpresidence theme from the Appearance > Themes section
  2. Activating a different theme.
  3. Once you activate a different theme, delete the wpresidence theme. Don’t worry, your content will not be lost.
  4. Get the “wpresidence.zip” file from your Theme Forest – Buyer account section (Installable WordPress file only). If you downloaded the “All Files & Documentation” from Themeforest, then you need to unzip the archive file you received, the wpresidence.zip will be inside it.
  5. Go to Appearance > Themes, choose Add New ThemeUpload the wpresidence.zip and click on the “Install Now” button.
  6. After your upload is finished choose Activate the theme.
  7. Update all plugins
IMPORTANT: all your theme settings will NOT change during this process. But the language files (in wpresidence/languages) folder and any other code changes you had done directly the wpresidence theme folder will be deleted if you choose this method. Use the wpresidence-child-po for translations to avoid this

How to add translated .po files in child theme

Update all plugins

You DON’T need a buyer license to use these plugins. We purchased an extended license we give all our clients plugin updates through theme updates. There is only one license per purchase – so only we can use this license to get the updates and then share the update with our clients.

Update the plugins by clicking on the notification in header

Update the plugins only, without doing a theme update

Step1: Download the theme again from the Theme Forest account, where you initially purchased it. The download will be under your buyer account – Downloads. Download only “Installable WordPress file only”

Step2: Unzip the folder downloaded

Step 3: Go to wpresidence/libs/plugins to take the latest plugins

Step4: Disable and delete the plugins from Admin – Plugins

Step5: Upload the new Plugins from Plugins – Add New – Upload – And activate

If you wish the plugins updates sooner than we make the theme update, open a support ticket here – http://support.wpestate.org/ and ask us for the latest plugins