IMPORTANT! Update Child Theme is Mandatory

Child theme wpresidence-child/functions.php file was modified and your child theme must be updated too for the theme 1.60.5 update or greater to work with a child theme installed previously this update.

You can find the new wpresidence-child/functions.php in the zip you download from Theme Forest -> Buyer Account -> Downloads Menu-> “All files & documentation” 

Here is a screenshot with the code that needs to be updated

Detailed Change Log

UPDATE: Google Login (after Google changes related to Google+)

Fix: Save analytics ID

Fix: Forgot password for mobile and splash page

Fix: Delete image from Media (admin)

Fix: Wire Transfer for user

Fix: Disable listing in User Dashboard

Detailed Change Log

Fix: Forgot Password

Update: Plugin WpResidence Core Functionality Plugin

Detailed Change Log 1.60.5

NEW: Twitter Login in Social Login Option

NEW: Elementor theme widgets for Custom Property Template

NEW: Manage redirect url after login in theme options

NEW: Gallery Shortcode for Custom Property Template

NEW: Multiple Agents for Custom Property Template

NEW: Review for Custom Property Template

NEW: Schedule a review for Custom Property Template

NEW: GDPR Checkbox for Custom Property Template Contact Form

NEW: Single Agency and Single Developer card for Custom Property Template

NEW: Energy Certificate for Custom Property Template

NEW: Use Video in Horizontal and vertical slider with Custom Property Template

UPDATE: Updates for Envato Compatibility new terms (changed functions and variables names according to the new rules)

UPDATE: Child theme functions.php

UPDATE: Theme languages wpresidence.pot and wpresidence.po, WpResidence Core Plugin languages wpresidence-core.pot and wpresidence-core.po, WpResidence Elementor Plugin languages

UPDATE: Open Street Map draggable enabled

FIX: Open-Close mobile menu very quickly

FIX: Custom Template – Details as Accordion – don’t show Yelp if title not selected

FIX: Custom Property Template – Details as Accordion – Only First One Opened option

FIX: Single Map shortcode and nearby places in Custom property template

FIX: Custom Template Gallery Shortcode for Custom property template – click on featured image

FIX: Open modal when using submit without being registered or logged in

FIX: Variable name in unit type 4

FIX: Show 2 decimals for prices in infobox when using multi-currency

FIX: Translate measurement option

FIX: Standard fonts message in console

FIX: Show header image on taxonomy when there is no property attached to that taxonomy