Before reading this help file you may want to check this video. It explains how to setup the advanced search type 2. Watch Video on Youtube

1. Select search type 2

To setup the Search type 2 navigate to Theme Options > Search > Advanced Search Form and on this section select Type 2 for the Advanced Search Type option.

2. Setup the search form fields for search widget, search shortcode, mobile search and half map filters 

The advanced search type 2 is a quick predefined search form with an auto-complete field for State, City or Area and 2 dropdowns for property category and type. This is displayed only on default pages, posts or properties header media.

Help article for property categories.

The Search type 2 predefined fields does not sync with fields from search shortcode, search widget, mobile search or with filters from half map list page.
For search shortcode , search widget , mobile search and half map filters the fields will sync with Advanced Search custom fields you set on Theme Options > Search > Advanced search form section.

Help article for Advanced Search Form Setup

3. Setup the display of the search form

To manage the advanced search display options navigate to Theme Options > Search > Advanced search display section.

Help article for Advanced Search Form Display

4. Setup the colors for the search form

To manage the advanced search colors navigate to Theme Options > Search > Advanced search colors section.

Help article for Advanced Search Colors Setup

Important to know is that there are 4 limitations this search type:

  1. The quick search does not work with pins search over the map when selecting search options. You can only find results if you click the Search Properties button
  2. When you arrive on the Advanced Search Results page you see filters over maps synced with Advanced Search Custom Fields. The same will happen in search widget, search shortcode, mobile search or half map filters.
  3. All is a name reserved for dropdowns when arriving on search results:
  4. You can set custom fields for the extended search options (search results page)

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