This video explains how to manage Property page Appearance options for all properties or for each property Watch Video on Youtube

To manage the property page display options navigate to Theme Options > Design > Property Page > Property Page Settings and locate the panel below on which you have the following options which apply to all properties added from front end.

1. Property Template

You can choose a specific property template created by you for all properties.

2. Elementor Only – ID for sample property 

We will use this property data as sample info for Elementor Preview for all properties. If blank we will use the data from the last property published.

2. Property Sidebar Position

Choose where you want to show the sidebar for all properties. Read more about sidebars here. Options are:

  • no sidebar at all
  • right side sidebar
  • left side sidebar

3. Use Sticky Sidebar on Property page.

This option makes the sidebar sticky for all property pages only.  Read more in this help article.

4. Property page Sidebar

You can choose the sidebar that will show on property pages.

5. Media Header Type for Property Page

You can choose between 5 header types:

6. Slider Type.

There are 7 property slider types that can be used for properties. This help article explains how to set up the property slider type you wish.

7. Show Content as accordion or tabs

Select what property slider type to show on the property page

8. Enable Walkscore. Your Walkscore API key – is optional. If you do not add API, this tab will not show on the website. Walk Score is available for any address in the United States, Canada, and Australia.

Register for an API (free) here

In each property make sure the address is filled in correctly from.

9. Show Map on Property Page. Yes/No

10. Hide map location?  Yes/No

if “yes” we will not show the address or exact location on the property page map.

11. Show Views Graph on Property Page. Yes/No

12. Show Reviews on Property Page. Yes/No If you allow users to add reviews, they will need to register and add their ratings on a property.  Read this help article to understand in detail how to enable/disable reviews on the property page

13. Show property details on 2 or 3 columns.

14. Set the no of similar properties on the property page // You can see how to manage similar listing here

15. Select taxonomies for similar listings . You can select which taxonomies wish to be used to get similar listings displayed. If you don’t select any taxonomy will be used the property category, property action category and property city.

Options you can override global by property

The following global theme options that apply to all properties, can be overwritten in each property post when the admin edit it: