Mandatory: Make sure your server PHP is 7.0 minim for checked features and amenities to display. Full server requirements 

The same process applies to WPResidence (as in WpRentals – our other theme). Please see this video which will help offer all the steps explained below as well:

Update the theme

The option to add icons for features and amenities was added in theme update 3.1. If you don’t have this version, you must update the theme first. Ple

Help to update the theme and WpResidence Core Functionality Plugin (both are Mandatory!) –

Help to see full theme change log details –

Install SVG Support Plugin

Plugin WordPress link 

Install from WordPress -> Plugins -> Add New -> Type SVG SUPPORT -> Install -> Activate

By default, WordPress doesn’t have the option to upload .svg icons so this must be enabled with this plugin

Find SVG format icons

Possible sources:

Our demo SVG icons are included in demo_content folder

Download “All files and documentation” from Buyer Account -> Theme Forest -> Downloads

Unzip the folder and go to 6. pins_icons folder -> svg -> Unzip -> Find the icons inside and upload to your features and amenities as you please.

Upload SVG Icon for each feature and amenity

Go to admin  -> Listings -> Features & Amenities -> Edit Amenity -> SVG ICON -> Upload your icon -> Insert the icon -> Click the “update” button

Clear theme cache if it’s enabled to see results

Icons Colors

Icons color sync with the color you set in WpResidence -> Design -> Colors -> Main Color

Clear theme cache if it’s enabled to see results instantly