In order to set header type must follow the below steps:

Step1: Navigate to Theme Options > General > Header and select type3 to Header Type? option.

You can also select Text alignment.

Header type 3 – is vertical – positioned on the right side and closed by default

The Login/Register will not be included in the header type 3.  You can add a register/login widget  or shortcode to Sidebar Menu Widget Area (before or after the menu).


By default Type 3 menu is Closed

Click on the icon to Open menu

The background color (the red color in this example) is set with custom css.

Adapt below css to your needs and edit or add in theme options – Design – Custom colors – Custom css

.header_type3_menu_sidebar {
background-color: #FF3B3D;

.header_type3_menu_sidebar #access>li>a, .header_type3_menu_sidebar #access .menu>li>a i {
color: #ffffff;