Related Help: How to change Header colors

The header settings are edited in Theme Options – General – Header.

Show top bar widget menu?


Help for header widgets setup:

Show top bar as Transparent with or without borders

You can manage this per page as well from page -> edit page:

Show top bar on mobile devices?

Can enable or disable top bar on mobile devices:

Show user login menu in the header?

Show submit property button in the header?


Global transparent header?

Transparent Header will look good if you will choose light colors for menu font. Hence you will need a dark background for the menu too.

You can set to Transparent Header from Appearance – and then you will have a global header or from the Property page for a single page.




See here how to control transparent header colors:

Add the logo for sticky menu from here:

Header Type

Can choose between 5 header types.

Header type 1:


Header type 2:


Header type 3:


Header type 4:


Header type5:

Header Align(Logo Position)?

Set the alignment for the logo. For header type 3 and 4 center alignment doesn’t apply.

Header 3&4 Text Align?

Set the text alignment for header types 3 and 4.

Wide Header?

Choose if you wish to make the header 100%.

Media Header Type?

Select the global media header type you wish to use.

  • None
  • Image

If using this option, you must upload image for Global Header Static Image option:

  • Theme slider

Setup theme slider from Theme options -> General – Theme slider:

  • Revolution Slider

If media header is set to Revolution Slider, type the slider name for Global Revolution Slider option: 

  • Google map

Setup google map:

Parallax efect for image/video header media?

Help: Parallax effect applies if your image height is larger than 300px