Starting version 1.17 we have removed the auto resize of the logo, because often the logo did not look well.

For default design, the logo must have maximum height 70 px and the sticky logo must have maximum height 60px.

If you wish to change header height to set a larger logo, see these options:

1.17 General Design Settings: Grid Width, Header Height and many more


Standard Logo and favicon upload settings can be found in Theme Options – General – Logos & Favicon.

What each options does is explained below.


Your Favicon


Your Logo


How to increase Logo Size

By default logo size is set to a max height of 54px, to fit default header height and to work with retina script (which demands a fixed height).

To change logo height, use this css in custom css (Theme Options – Design – Custom Colors – Custom css) or in child theme style.css

.logo img {
max-height: 54px;

Change 54 to your value.

To change header height – if you wish a taller menu – go to these options.

Your Sticky Logo





Your Transparent Header Logo


Margin Top for logo*

*Margin top logo 0 means logo is aligned in center automatically. 

Mobile/Tablets Logo




To add Retina logo versions for your own logos, create retina logo, add _2x at the end of name of the original file (for ex logo_2x.jpg) and upload it in the same uploads folder as the non retina logo.

These are example steps to add the retina logo version for your custom logo.

Add the logo in theme options (name example logo.png)


Add retina version in Media. Make sure the retina logo has _2x at the end. (if original name is logo, then retina should be logo_2x)


It is important the 2 images exist in the same month folder.