Update for version includes:

Update: Properties list half and advanced search results half show google maps if global header is set to google maps

Update: wpresidence.po exported again to include missing new terms from previous update

Update: Ultimate Addons plugin update to v 3.16.20

Update for version includes:

Visual Composer update to 5.4.4

Places Shortcode update for 4.9 wordpress.

Update for version includes:


  1. Save Permalinks

2. Header must be set to google maps for half map templates regardless of global header: Advanced Search results page or Properties list Half Map

NEW: Agency, Agents, Developers and Users separation

NEW: Agency page, Developers page with custom taxonomies pages too

NEW: Select which account type options to show in new register field dropdown, if this new field is enabled

NEW: Register form field with account type options (agency, agent, developer or user). This can be on/off set

*NOTE: Social login will NOT create agency, agent or developer. These will create only a subscriber / user.

NEW: Agencies can add agents from their own dashboard in front end.

NEW: Membership packages can be shown only for specific account types (managed from admin – membership

NEW: Agents added by agency will consume the paid membership listings purchased by their AGENCY

NEW: Admin can enable/disable the option to manually approve new agents / agencies and developers (the page with agent / agency or developer info will be published by admin if this is wanted)

NEW: Agencies and developers can add, disable or edit their own agents from their own account – Agency, Agents, Developers and Users separation. How to manage these new options

NEW: Shortcode for membership packages

Membership Packages Shortcode

NEW: Shortcode for developer / agency

NEW: Allow to add image caption in front end

NEW: Improve agent card design

NEW: SORT option for half map style (*work with specific notes)

NEW: Schedule viewing option in Contact Form (*applies only for theme contact form)

NEW: Reviews for property page (can be turned on/ off from theme options).

NEW: Reviews can be approved by admin or published automatically

NEW: Internal Message system (can be turned on/off from theme options) – How to work with Inbox Private Message System

NEW: Properties List directory style – Properties List – Directory Style

NEW: Agent field: member of

NEW: Add number of images for each property in paid membership packages

Update: advanced search “more options” opens up

Update: similar blog posts by tags

Fix: show the login  modal when using save favorite on movbile

Fix: minor css adjustments for web and mobile

Fix: Multi Image slider showing featured image twice for front end submissions

Update: style.css, style.min.css, my_media.css, my_media.min.css

Update: included plugins to latest versions