IMPORTANT to Elementor PRO users: For compatibility with Elementor PRO all theme widgets have been redone as Elementor PRO doesn’t support blank spaces in widget names. For that reason if you update the WPResidence Elementor Add-on to 1.70, Elementor PRO will work BUT all pages created with Elementor and Residence Elementor widgets before this version will have to be redone. If you wish to use Elementor PRO the Elementor add-on plugin update to 1.70 is mandatory and all theme widgets have to be redone. Main Demo pages created with Elementor are being redone for Elementor PRO support and will be launched next week.

IMPORTANT: Wp Residence 1.70 comes with design changes. Please check the main demo

NEW: Redesign for general theme elements (default font, default font size and weight, default main color and several more)

NEW: Shortcode for listing properties as slider

NEW: Video shows as single element in property page if Vimeo or Youtube ID is added

UPDATE: All Elementor widgets for Residence theme and for Residence Custom Property template have been redone to work with Elementor PRO version.

UPDATE: Allow Wp Residence Elementor Widgets to work with Bakery Plugin disabled

UPDATE: Several theme functions have been updated for Envato Compatibility

UPDATE: Social login now registers username based on social account email (to allow users with non latin characters to register)

UPDATE: Child theme from themepack to work with minify option enabled

FIX: Energy certificate position in custom property template

FIX: Wire Payment button in user dashboard

FiX: Load more properties in agent page

FIX: Search by date custom field

UPDATE: wpresidence-core.pot and wpresidence.pot from plugin and theme

UPDATE: WP Residence Core Functionality plugin to 1.70 version and Wp Residence Elementor Add-on plugin to 1.70 version